My Birthday

cindy paige

Does anyone know if ChickAdvisor , or any other sites give out Birthday bonuses, products, or points ? 
My Birthday is this weekend ; May 1st I will be 29 AGAIN .
Apr 29, 2016 @ 12:02 pm

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I'm not sure that Chick Advisor does, but many companies will give you coupons or freebies on your birthday (Dairy Queen, Subway, Sephora, and others that you can join fan clubs/memberships through online!).
Apr 29, 2016 @ 12:23 pm
cindy paige

My Birthday

Thank-you Rae. Much appreciated.
Apr 29, 2016 @ 12:51 pm


You look amazing, girl ^_-

If you have a Cold Stone near you, you can get a coupon, but that might only be in the US
Apr 29, 2016 @ 03:37 pm


I don't think chick advisor does.
Apr 29, 2016 @ 04:17 pm


Have a great birthday!!!
Apr 29, 2016 @ 06:18 pm


Have a great birthday!!
Apr 29, 2016 @ 08:26 pm


Happy Birthday!!
Apr 30, 2016 @ 02:05 am
cindy paige

My Birthday

To Wonderwhat if,
Thank-you . Funny how looks can be so deceiving ; I won't be seeing any of Family ,including my boys, this year. Maybe I'm overreacting but, " It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...". No worries Hun. I'm having a bit of a pity party today. Thanks in advance for letting me vent.

Have a nice day ,
Apr 30, 2016 @ 01:15 pm


several companies give out freebies to people celebrating birthdays

you'd have to sign up your email to get a lot of them too
Apr 30, 2016 @ 01:18 pm
cindy paige

My Birthday

Thank-you for the Birthday greetings. My actual day is tomorrow ; May,01. Also known as May Day .
This site has a great social community and today I'm very Grateful for you all.

Enjoy your day !
Apr 30, 2016 @ 01:21 pm

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