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Rebecca Black Left School Due To Bullying


So after Rebecca's hit song "Friday" came out. Kids at school were not kind to her and would tease her and bully her every time she walked by. It was so bad that Rebecca Black dropped out of school and is now being home schooled.

(via OkMagazine.com)

I think this is terrible! Ya the video was a little ridiculous and it's not the greatest song in the world but I feel really bad that she's being bullied...and to the point where she had to leave school?!? What do you guys think? Do you think she deserved that?
Aug 11, 2011 @ 04:41 pm

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I saw this...

on the news last night and couldn't believe kids and some
adults were still giving her a hard time over a song! It's ridiculous for
morons to be sending this poor girl death threats just because they don't like
her song, or because they're jealous that she had her 15 minutes of fame!!! My
mouth fell open when they started talking about this on the news. I just don’t
understand what the big deal is, there’s bin plenty of weird sounding song
through the years and I’ve never heard of the singer receiving a death threat
because someone didn’t like the song. I guess it just goes to show you the kind
of world we’re living in these days compared to years ago. It’s really very sad
to not only hear and read about this, but for that poor girl and her family. I
hope they catch whoever it is that’s sending the death threats and puts them
away for as long as possible!!

Aug 12, 2011 @ 09:13 am

that's stupid

I was going to say "how can kids be so immature"... and then realized I answered my own question. Sadly, it takes very very little for kids to become a target in schools. Usually it's as simple as wearing the wrong t-shirt, but in this case Rebecca Black really made herself a target.

I don't mean that this is her fault - no. But fame can be uncontrollable for good or for bad, so this was, sadly, not unexpected to me.

I really hope that everything works out for her. Even though I did not care for her song, she's just a kid and entitled to have a normal childhood - as "normal" as it can be for a semi-famous person anyway.
Aug 12, 2011 @ 09:18 am


In my opinion that is totally ridiculous! I feel sorry for her that everything had to end up like this. However, I also think perhaps she should have taken some things into consideration first! I have heard that Rebecca's parents paid some $2,000 to get her song recorded in a studio and to get the video professionally recorded. She bought her 15 minuets of fame....and the video showing up on youtube was no accident! Maybe Rebecca should have thought about the consequences of putting yourself out there online for everyone to see first. Either way she has learnt a big lesson, but hopefully she will be able to move on and not let 1 video ruin her life.
Aug 12, 2011 @ 09:24 am


I think she would eventually have to be home schooled anyways, because she's becoming so well known. Since she's appeared in Katy Perry's music video, she's moved on to performances, and it seems as though she's now being taken a little more seriously.
I'm watching her every move at the moment (not really, I get lazy :P) and waiting for her to come out with a great hit. She's pretty enough, has gained enough fame, and can kind of sing - the perfect requirements for a celebrity!
I think she'll do fine :). As long as her skin is thick enough!
Aug 12, 2011 @ 09:31 am

She was at the Teens Choice Award

Rebecca Black was at the Teens Choice award giving out an award and when she came up, I heard some boos. It was terrible since all the other stars were cheered. If I was that young and was targeted like that, I think I would be traumatized. It's great that she still seems to have a positive outlook on her career.
Aug 12, 2011 @ 09:44 am

Bullying her is too far...

I understand that her video for Friday was, let's face it- terrible. And it could very well be the worst music video in the world. I can see that kids at school would be bullying and teasing her, but I think for the most part- they'd be jealous of her new found fame.

She did put the video out there though and I am assuming because she did pay for it (and I think it was definitely more than $2000!) she would have had some say in it. If you were that desperate for some sort of fame that you'd go and do something like this, than shouldn't you expect some backlash?

I do feel for her though because she is so young and no child should have to deal with bullying. She made the right decision in leaving and I hope it works out for her!
Aug 12, 2011 @ 12:08 pm

not her fault

I agree that the song/video was probably one of the worst Ive seen... I watched it on youtube and I did watch it to the end, mostly cause I kept thinking "this has to get better at some point, it cant really be this bad all the way through" (kind of like when I torutured myself by watching half of the first twilight, I didnt believe that something with that much hype could be so terrible lol) But for that to be released it would need the producers approval, and at 13 years old most deffinitly her parents approval... and while a parent can sometimes think everything their kid does is amazing I know, but anyone in the music business must have known it would have been a complete fail! How they could let someone who's just a kid release that, knowing how horrible some people can be with tearing another person down, is just stupid.
Reading the comments on the youtube page I felt horrible for her. No, it wasnt a great song. Yes, the video/lyrics were pretty cheesy. But she's 13 years old!! In a way, I do admit it was kind of cool to see a young girl release something that wasnt all sexed up, like so many people try to do when bringing out young talent, it just could have been done so much better. But being in the Katy Perry video, and still keeping her face out there, good for her! She's not the first artist to release something terrible and she wont be the last, its how she handles the pressure, and for her age she's handeling it extremely well. I would have hid in my room and not shown my face for a year if it was me, but I dont handle that kind of thing well lol.

As for the bullying, thats awful. I was teased alot in school, and it made things hell until I started drinking/drugs (which in hindsight wasnt the best way to deal with things, but at 14 what does a person really know? :P) There's way to much of that going around. Kids see their parents doing it, and they turn around and do it at school. And school staff dont do enough to make sure it doesnt happen during school hours. My bf has told me stories that brought me to actual tears, telling me about how he's stick up for another kid in elementary school and then he would be the one to get in trouble (he's native, and went to a predominantly-white school up north) And that was the staff & teachers teaching that kind of behaviour was acceptable, to 8 & 9 year olds!!

And thats my rant. Went a little off topic there, sorry :-P But yeah, I hope Rebecca Black keeps her head up and doesnt let the pressure get to her. I think that if she does keep going without getting brought down by all the bullying, she could potentially be someone that would be great for young girls to look up to! To have that role model that someone could relate to, because of the bullying/teasing, and to be able to look up to someone who doesnt give in to peer pressure.
Aug 13, 2011 @ 08:42 pm

she comes back!

Rebecca Black does have a new song out, and of course a better one. I think if she came out with this song first, she wouldn't be so hated. I feel bad for her.Yes, she did have a say in posting her first video, but if her rich parents are offering something as cool as making her own music video, of course any teeny bopper would jump at that opportunity.

Here's the official link to her new song. Enjoy!
Aug 16, 2011 @ 02:44 pm

Rebecca's laughing all the way to the bank!

I recently saw Rebecca and her mother on a program about child stars and things look pretty good for her. I was a bit shocked myself to hear that her parents payed for someone to write the song, produce it and then make a professional video for her. Talk about over-indulging your child! However, it looks like they got just what they paid for - a famous daughter with a hit song. It is too bad that she is now home-schooled because of bullying but I don't think she's too upset- she gets to do all kinds of cool stuff now (award shows, parties with celebrities, etc.) and now everyone knows her name. The song is terrible but you can't really argue with the results!
Aug 16, 2011 @ 03:05 pm

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