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Ali de Bold

I saw this yesterday for the first time. What an interesting Doc. As a Canadian I can't comment on American healthcare because I don't know what it is like first hand. I also know that Michael Moore is very controversial. However, if it is true that the poor are neglected in this way it is extremely disturbing.

I subscribe to the philosophy that we are all one big family (dysfunctional though we may be) and I would rather pay higher taxes so that everyone is taken care of than keep more money for myself.

What do you guys think? Have you seen Sicko? What did you think of it? I'd be interested to hear from those of you living in the US what you think of your healthcare system?
Dec 14, 2007 @ 12:54 pm

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Chickie.. I agree with you!

I have not seen Sicko, but I know what it's all about! Although our health care has it's own issues, I really like the idea of everyone being taken care of.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who abuse the system. They don't actually live in Canada, but will come to Canada to take advantage of tax payers' money just for a yearly checkup and other health care needs. This I think is a major issue.

Because Canada is such an accepting country, we allow SO many people in from all over the world. We also allow Canadian citizens to leave for long periods of time and then come back and still call themselves Canadians. Many of these people come back for the freebies. I am extremely bothered by this issue.

Dec 14, 2007 @ 04:54 pm

I saw it

I saw Sicko and I'm from the states. What is most alarming about the US's health care system is that it is too privatized. By allowing the system to be private enterprise, w/ the big dawgs getting government subsidy, the rates go through the roof.

The problem w/ the USA is that it was founded on such ideals of liberation and freedom from any central power that the idea of state/federal run health care is appalling and against all morals of our founding fathers. But to me, some things SHOULD be state/federal territory ... e.g. health care.

What is most disturbing about Sicko is Moore makes it alarmingly clear that it isn't those that are uninsured that are falling victim ... its those that ARE insured. Sure, insurance will reasonably cover you when you are of good health. But the minute disaster strikes, its as though you are instantly uninsured.

I saw this movie right after a wonderful person, and great friend of mine, was seriously injured in a cycling accident. Had I seen the movie prior to her accident, I might not have totally bought into Moore's claims. My good friend (let's call her B) fell while riding her bicycle w/ a group of our cycling buddies back in April. She was traveling down hill at ~35 mph when she fell. She landed on her face. She was wearing a helmet, but general cycling helmets do not offer face protection. She suffered Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and was in a coma for 5 weeks. After 2 months in the hospital, she was released to go home. B is 47 years old. She is just now re-learning how to walk. She is learning how to speak again (she can talk and communicate fine, but needs to re-learn inflection, intonations, etc ...). Because of the impact of her fall, she has noticeable facial scaring and has lost 9 teeth. Needless to say, her medical bills are mounting. In order to regain a normal semblance of life, B needs extensive speech, physical, and occupational therapy. But insurance tells her she's already maxed out, so she goes to therapy when she can (which is certainly not frequent enough). B will need A LOT of oral and plastic facial surgery to repair her jaw (it was broken in 4 places), facial scarring, and get permanent teeth implants. NONE of this is covered by insurance. They have justified her claims as "cosmetic" and non-necessary procedures.

B was a normal, healthy woman who dutifully paid into her health insurance all of her working life. Now, when she REALLY needs coverage, who's there for her?
Dec 15, 2007 @ 06:45 am


That's horrible. I agree, health insurance can be ridiculous. You pay into it your entire working life in case something happens and then that something does happen and it seems you have to fight and argue with the insurance companies to be taken care of. Horrible.
Dec 15, 2007 @ 11:17 pm
Scents Of Peace

Haven't seen the doc - but have seen the issue!

I myself have been a "victim" - more than once - but not to that extreme.

My insurance (US military) would not pay for the birth of my child because it was "pre-existing" according to the ultrasound test - by a few weeks. However when he was born, the dates were adjusted and we got a large reimbursement from the OB.

BUT - the doc was ready to refer me out at nearly 6-7 months along and suggested I go to the county since I was "un-insured". The county had a wait list of about a month - wow - how helpful !!

So, I was forced to go back to work as a high-risk pregnancy to pay the OB cash to continue being seen by her. SHE was the one who ordered me to bed-rest just weeks earlier. I guess money mattered more . . . and if I had a choice (ie different doctor to go to or able to be seen by the county), I would have stayed in bed as ordered !

Everything worked out fine - fortunately for me and my unborn ( now 19 yrs old ) son, but I wonder about other people and their situation.

A few years ago, when I had a very extensive fracture to my leg and ankle that required re-constructive surgery, metal plates and rods; where I almost croaked during the second surgery . . . they sent me home a few HOURS after surgery and then would NOT authorize physical therapy or rehab ! I did my own at home by using a sponge and practicing squishing it while standing in the shower. My own idea . . . and I also had a clean tub as a result - LOL !

It is a myth it only affects the poor. In fact the "poor" have it better when it comes to guaranteed health care. It's responsible people like you, Miss Chickie who are at the greatest risk of medical neglect . . . at least here in the States. I say that with concern and out of love for you . . . no malice ;-)

I can say this as a patient and as a former employee of Humana Hospitals. Would you believe that I, and most of my co-workers, did NOT have any insurance while working for the largest provider of it's time during the height of HMO's ????

Believe it and beware . . .

With so many Canadian residents in Florida (not just retired folks either), I have heard much on this topic. It is safe to say that both Canada and the US have multiple health care failures and no one has the remedy.

My advice is to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible, avoid potential carcinogens in your household and hygienic products and search for natural remedies when appropriate, but don't neglect seeing your family doc concerning your overall health.

BTW - did you ever resolve your peeve ( i.e. "one issue per visit" nonsense) ???
Dec 15, 2007 @ 11:45 pm

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