Team Canada Men's Hockey wins GOLD!

on Mar 01, 2010 @ 03:59 am

I am not sure if there are any hockey fans on here but we played an awesome game today and won gold!

On a side note, I can't stand that people are questioning the "Own the Podium" program... Canada won 14 gold medals this Olympics even when they thought there were assured golds and did not get them in Women's Curling and Women's Moguls. I think Canadians should be VERY proud of what we accomplished this Olympics!

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We watched! on Mar 01, 2010 @ 08:40 am

... and nearly had a heart attack in the final minute of the 3rd period. What an amazing game! I think the US did themselves very proud - but I sure am glad my Canucks won :)

Gold & Nothing under baby! on Mar 01, 2010 @ 10:52 am

Oh Crosby <3 Team Canada Killed it lastnight. We definitely showed them who owns it hehe I've got to admit though, the Americans did a wondeful job on the ice and are all around great atheletes but I am so proud to be Canadian :)


nice work neighbors! on Mar 01, 2010 @ 11:13 am

I am the first to admit I did not watch any hockey during the olympics. Hockey has just never done it for me. But overall the olympics were great this year and I enjoyed tuning in every evening that I could.

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