The Devil Wears Prada

on Jan 20, 2007 @ 12:08 am

Meryl Streep won best actress for her role in this movie.. so it must be good right? Has anyone seen it? How was it?

I was thinking of renting it...

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Ali de Bold
Loved it! on Jan 20, 2007 @ 10:37 am

I saw this in the theatres. Great movie. Loved the clothes and Meryl Streep was so amazing as usual. The clothes were so good it sometimes distracted me from the plot (aside from a few karl lagerfield looks I found detestable).

Watched it last night on Jan 21, 2007 @ 04:29 pm

I rented this movie last night and I really really liked it! I read the book so at first I was a bit skeptical on how good the movie would be by comparison but they did an excellent job... and YES the clothes were amazing!

didn't strike a cord w/ me on Jan 20, 2008 @ 11:57 pm

So here we are a whole year later and I've finally watched and read The Devil Wears Prada. I'm not one for fashion at all, so I thought I'd be able to identify w/ the main character. Her plight was quickly and well developed. However, there were easily 100 unnecessary pages which simply added nothing to what was already established. Finally, in the final 50 pages, the book finally drew me in and the end was fairly satisfying.

I thought, since the book didn't do a whole lot for me, maybe the movie would be enough of a deviation from the original that I'd like it. I was mistaken ... mostly. First of all, there was plenty of deviation. I like how the main character was developed to be more confident and competent than the book portrays. As a result, she seems much more liked by her boss than in the book. However, the movie fails to thoroughly develop the main character's relationships outside of work/fashion. I never felt like I got to know her boyfriend or best friend. In the book, its those 2 friends that finally help her to realize what she must do.

Needless to say, I'm in no hurry to read this author again ... unless someone can tell me that her other book is more satisfying earlier on.

Actually... on Jan 21, 2008 @ 12:31 am

...I didn't like her other book at all... I found it really disappointing compared to Devil Wears Prada (which I liked). I probably wouldn't go read Everyone Worth Knowing if you did not like Devil Wears Prada! :o)

Her book stinked. on Jan 22, 2008 @ 06:49 am

I couldn't continue on the book after reading the first page. Well i did watch the movie first and the tone of the book is so much more annoying. I wish some other dude was playing Andy's boyfriend. Didn't like that dude at all. Maybe someone like Fox Mulder would have been better.

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