Too sexy for the office?


I just came across an interesting news tidbit today. A female banker was allegedly fired because of her gorgeous looks and fashion choices.  Naturally the bank denies these claims.

But do you think there's room for such a practice, when a coworker is distractingly dressed and flaunts her sexuality?  And hey - not be sexist, so the same question for sexy male colleagues? Or is this a slippery slope that leaves far too much room for "interpretation"?

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Jun 04, 2010 @ 12:45 pm

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Sensational 'News'

I really think that this article is one of the many examples of how desperate some reporters are to get published. Now from a customer and business interpretation, I would never fire a person- man or woman because they are hot. Especially not in a customer oriented environment. Now if they really were dressing too sexy, guaranteed their boss would say something about it before firing them. In that case they were fired for disregarding the wishes and environment of their workplace. If i worked at McDonalds and wore my favourite designer dress rather than the uniform I was told to wear, Id get fired too. No tears for her.
And to be honest, this goes with too much sexual behaviour at work too...I recently went to restraunt where two of the waiters were basically feeling eachother up where the boss couldnt see them..i defenitly could and i couldnt eat. I dont care what you do at home, or outside of work, but im trying to eat here i dont wanna even have to imagine what goes on in the back. so unprofessional.
Jun 04, 2010 @ 06:22 pm

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