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TSA now going to allow certain items back on planes including knives


Many news outlets are reporting that the TSA (the US agency that oversees air travel safety, etc) will now be allowing a variety of previously banned items in carry-on luggage, including small knives and certain sports equipment. Certain toiletry items like razor blades, however, remain banned.

Understandably flight attendant unions are unhappy about this. The TSA defends the decision, citing the need to improve security checkpoint times and using reinforced cockpit doors, better staff training, and the presence of air marshals on flights as adequate deterrents for those seeking to cause harm.

The sports equipment relaxation makes sense, especially since we all know there is no room in overhead bins for hockey sticks and golf clubs anyway, so those items will be gate-checked and out of reach. 

I have to agree with the flight attendants, and while I'm happy the pilots are well protected, that hardly helps the poor individual(s) who are harmed when some crazy person starts his/her rampage before they are subdued.

What do you guys think?
Mar 06, 2013 @ 02:40 pm

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I completely agree with the flight attendants. I think the rules and regulations about the banned items should still remain the same. Allowing small knives on board now, not cool.
Mar 08, 2013 @ 08:41 am

That's crazy

All this is going to do is cause trouble. You mark my words before long we'll be hear about something happening. I say keep the banned items banned!
Mar 08, 2013 @ 10:29 am

the rationale

Apparently the reason they are doing this is because other countries DO allow such things and international travelers might not realize when traveling to the US that certain items they were allowed to have in carry-ons from their originating flight might be confiscated once they come State-side.

I can sympathize as far as if the item that's taken away has significance for you (say it's a pocketknife your grandfather gave you long ago) or you need sports equipment for a sports tournament you're traveling to...

BUT whenever I travel internationally, I always ask the airlines and check online to see if there are special restrictions. All travelers should be well-informed; unfortunately, many people are either unaware or too lazy to double check.
Mar 08, 2013 @ 12:36 pm

They should leave it the same.

I agree, all this is going to do is to cause trouble. They made all this effort to enforce these regulations, and now they're going to change them? Sends a very mixed message. I agree that i'd feel bad for someone who gets an item confiscated because they were unaware, but I don't care where in the world you're from, you HAVE to know that the US has very strict airway regulations (for obvious reasons), and I agree travelers should double-check before hand to see where their layovers are etc.
Mar 11, 2013 @ 01:08 pm

What Next on Planes

I am so happy that I have a fear of flying because,if I was ever on a Plane and someone took out a Blade or something dangerous I don't know what I would do cause,I'm the type of person who would face someone If I felt threatened.It is just my reaction when someone scares me.It is a scary way to be but I was always like this.I'm better off staying Home for everyones sake.I don't trust most of the security at the Airports either.They shouldn't let anything on the Planes if it could be a threat.
Feb 25, 2015 @ 07:27 pm

Banning items on Planes

I agree,anything that is Banned on Planes,then keep it banned.I also have to say,thank God,my flying days are over.The last flight I was on ,was about ten years ago and it will be a lot longer than twenty years before I ever get on another one if ever.Now that I have a Phobia about Flying I'm kinda glad I do
because the thoughts of passengers taking knives or other objects on a plane,it's enough to scare the hell out of anyone. If I won the Lottery of 50 million,it would have to stay in Moncton cause I'd never fly up there to pick it up.Some people loves to fly.The thought of letting passengers take anything like that on a Plane,is really scary though.
Apr 05, 2015 @ 07:25 pm

Pain in the rear

From the sounds of it that seems like a stupid idea, if anything they should ban more things, God only knows what people still manage to get onto planes.
Apr 06, 2015 @ 10:32 pm

Rather be safe than sorry

They should keep the banned items as is. Allowing a knife on board makes no sense.
Apr 06, 2015 @ 10:41 pm

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