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We're adding a new flag

Ali de Bold

We hate spam from the core of our souls. That's why we NEVER share your information, we only send emails when there is something newsworthy to share, and we delete reviews that reek of spammage. It is really important to us that all opinions shared on the site are legit, from our valued members, not companies looking for free links or business owners posing as members so they can review their own selves.

So we have added a new flag to aid in the war against spam. Mark as Spam will appear later today. It gives you the power to alert us of suspected spam. We will carefully review each time something is flagged. If it is obvious, it will be immediately deleted. If not, we will wait until there have been at least 3 spam reports before we zap it out of fairness.

The power is now in your hands!!! Muahahahahaha!

Would be spammers:
You have come to the wrong place. Not only do your fake reviews reek like yesterday's garbage, they sound totally and utterly contrived. It does NOT make people want to buy your products or visit your establishment. Trust.

Legit business owners and marketers who do not spam:
We love you. Thank you for allowing our members to rate your products and services. It only adds to your credibility and our esteem of you.
Apr 05, 2008 @ 01:33 pm

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