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A Cinderella Guy!


I met a cute guy really briefly while on vacation. we talked for only a short while but i could tell he liked me and  i liked him. unfortunately we did not talk long enough to exchange names or contact info because i suddenly had to leave. i'm regretting not talking to this guy for longer and at least trying to get a name so i could friend him on fb! i'm trying to google him and i don't know where to start....i have a few clues on how to find him but nothing is coming up! any tips?

should i forget him? am i being a stakler? i need some help girls!
Aug 26, 2012 @ 05:18 pm

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Not sure how you are going to locate him if you don't have his name?
If you didn't swap info maybe it was your sub-concious telling you it's not meant to be

But then again if it was me I would snoop around and see if I can find him, but then worry he would think I'm a stalker if I did actually find him lol
Aug 27, 2012 @ 11:03 pm

Find or Forget?

I totally understand wanting to get in contact with this guy which is why it pains me to say that it might be a lost cause. Do you have any info to go on? What school he goes to, where he is from? You could always put out a missed connection ad too. If you don't though, I hate to say it, but I think maybe it wasn't meant to be. If it was, maybe you'll have another chance meeting?

If you really, truly feel like you had a connection, then I say try a bit harder to find him but remember that there will always be other fish in the sea and if it is meant to be, you'll see him again!
Aug 28, 2012 @ 11:06 am

I don't see how.

Other then putting a PI on the case I really don't see how you would find him with out more info, like his name! That really surprises me that you never exchanged names. That's usually the first thing I do. I'm sorry, but like Alex said, if it was meant to be, it will be. He just might find you through something you said if it truly was meant to be. If not I'm sure there will be others and your true love will find you one day.

Aug 28, 2012 @ 11:23 am

Ask the hotel?

Did he happen to stay at the same hotel as you? If he did, maybe the front desk could pass along a name to you. I'm not sure of the privacy policy, but it's worth a shot.

Sep 05, 2012 @ 05:51 pm

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