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Today is our 19th wedding anniversary!!!! Well, technically it is February 29th! Yes, we got married on Leap Year Day. And yes, it was his idea. I like it though because it's unique. I watched our Grandsons all day and he worked all day!! We ate soft tacos for our anniversary. We've been together 20 yrs. It doesn't matter if you do something elaborate or just simple, as we did, as long as you spend time together. We are empty nesters now and it's a work in progress. We cuddle on the couch or have movie night with popcorn. Just small things can mean as much as going out somewhere. It's always a good idea to reflect back on earlier times, when you 1st got together and was so much slimmer! Haha. I guess what I'm trying to say is that no matter how long you have been married, never let the spark go out. To me, it's the small things that mean more to me, than fancy restaurants or expensive presents. Quality time with your significant other is the greatest gift of all. Also, looking through your old photo albums together or just giving each other a little wink, here and there, helps keep everything in perspective. I hope we make it to 50 years, like my late Grandparents. To everyone, take the time to tell your partner how much they mean to you and how much you love them!! Goodnight to all of you wonderful people for listening to me rattle on!!  Ginger.
Feb 28, 2015 @ 10:22 pm

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Congrats on being together for 20 years! That's a huge accomplishment, especially in today's society. Your commitment to each other as a couple is inspirational and I completely agree that you don't need to always do something fancy to let your partner know you love them. If it comes from the heart, they'll know.
Mar 01, 2015 @ 06:49 pm


That's great Ginger! Its beautiful and rare nowadays. People tend to give up on each other so often and so easy. Cheers for you guys! Im on my 3rd year of marriage and I can say it a constant work and I love it most of the time ;)
Mar 02, 2015 @ 11:08 am


Congrats! That's awesome!

We will celebrate our 3 year in July.We are more home bodies lol. So we usually just say happy anniversary. We don't usually buy anniversary specific gifts because we just buy what we want through the year.
Mar 02, 2015 @ 01:11 pm


Thanks Griechux, PrettyRainbow and JustineVandale for the kind words. After so many years, we are homebodies too! I usually just cook his favorite meal, but I was busy with Grandsons this year. I made up for it Sunday. I cooked him BBQ chicken, green beans and roasted potatoes with butter and fresh grated parmesan cheese. Oh goodness, I'm getting hungry now!! Haha. Congratulations to you both on being married 3 years. It is always a work in progress. As we get older, our mannerisms change and it can be hard to adjust. Not to mention when I was going through the big M-word, MENOPAUSE!! It was due to a total hysterectomy. Oh my stars, the changes we went through and me the night sweats!! When you all experience it, tell your partner in advance-I used it as an excuse, even after I went through menopause! Aren't I bad?? Haha. Have a great day to all you gals-Ginger.
Mar 02, 2015 @ 03:08 pm


Congratulations, i wish you many many more anniversaries to come. all the best for the future.
Mar 04, 2015 @ 06:28 am


Thankyou so much louisaf for the kind wishes. I truly appreciate each and every one of them. Have a good day. Ginger
Mar 04, 2015 @ 07:50 am

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