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Another Teen-Mom Couple Split.


I know, I know I shouldn’t get so emotionally invested in the relationships see on TV - especially those I see on reality shows. But I couldn’t help myself getting attached to Leah and Corey on Teen Mom 2 (I know your rolling your eyes now).

Leah and Corey were only a few months into their relationship when Leah got pregnant with twins. I didn’t watch the whole season but from what I did see they fought a lot and they broke up almost right after the twins were born (leaving Leah to live in the apartment with the 2 babies). After a few months apart they got back together and they decided to get married and in the second season of Teen Mom 2 they were probably the most stable and more reasonable parents on the show so far. The couple really came together when they
found out that one of the twins, Ali had a significant birth defect:

“It’s pretty obvious that there are some deficits,” Dr. Lubicki tells Leah after examining the baby. “To me, it looks like her arms are too short. She looks a little disproportioned. There certainly are things that aren’t working. There seems to be some nerve rooted injury that is causing this. She probably needs to have an MRI of her entire spine.” – hollybaby.com

They took her to all of her doctor’s appointments and they grieved together and they made all medical decisions together. The couple even found time to go out on dates (with the help of their supportive parents who would babysit occasionally) and work on their relationship. Now, after just 6 months of marriage UsWeekly is reporting that the couple is filing for divorce. Have any of you watched the show? Do you think any of the couples on the show will stick it out?
Apr 18, 2011 @ 12:58 pm

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Ali de Bold

I only watched a few episodes

When we were on vacation in Feb I watched this show every night before bed. I don't know why but I was completely fascinated by it. Probably because it involved babies and I stayed up eating peanut butter sandwiches before bed every night (early pregnancy craving). Leah and Corey was the one couple I really hoped would make it. If the rumour is true, that's really too bad. It is rare for these types of relationships to work out. Both are too young/immature for the responsibilities of marriage and children.
Apr 18, 2011 @ 01:14 pm

Two things...

First, I think it's sad. It's true what Ali said - both are too young for these responsibilities and it is very rare for them to work. But yet, after only 6 months I really don't think you've even given it a fair chance. 6 months is nothing! Plus, they have kids together. In my opinion, it'd be wise to try to work it out just a little longer. That said, I am just an outsider looking in.

Second, Ali?! Are you pregnant?! How did I not know this?
Apr 18, 2011 @ 01:58 pm

The thing I can't get my head wraped around is...

They've been together this long already, why is it that so many couples split soon after marriage? How did being married change their relationship? They already lived together and had kids.

@beachbabe - according to the article on UsWeekly most of their friends are hoping that they'll work it out and this is just a bump in the relationship.
Apr 18, 2011 @ 03:32 pm

oh that's too bad....

I always pick one couple that I 'like' on that show....and Corey and Leah were it for me. I have a feeling that they will get back together-I think they are truly in love and just not ready for it (yet).

I also adored Tyler and Caitlin from the last season-wonder how they are doing?
Apr 19, 2011 @ 11:36 am

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