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There are times when I come across to weird situations that I don't even know how to react. During this summer vacation while I was volunteering, I went to a bowling place and where I suddenly felt shocked when I saw my friend with his friends there. For two hours, I had absolutely no clue that they were even in there. When I walked pass the washroom, he said "Hi" to me and I felt very very awkward and speechless and then I ignored him and went back to my sitting area. When I was walking to the exit door, I saw he had a couple of friends there especially one of my other friends. I think it was a Double date ,,hahaha,, I was very surprised that he invited girls. (Another day) when I rode my bike home after swimming, I saw my friend (the boy) having anther date with my friend, I was surprised they were actually having some alone time together. I pretended that I didn't see them, but in the corner of my eye, I've noticed that he was staring at me while I was riding my bike. IT WAS AWKWARD... I DIDN'T WANT TO INTERRUPT THEIR RENDEZ-VOUS. Have you guys ever ran into this kind of situation? :/
Aug 05, 2014 @ 11:49 pm

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Sure we all have. The best way to deal with awkward situations is just pretend you're totally cool with it. Laugh and be friendly, you'll end up coming off as a really easy going girl. Let everyone else be awkward!
Aug 06, 2014 @ 01:52 am


This has totally happened to me before and Tatewar is completely right... you need to play it cool otherwise you're the one who ends up looking crazy.. (I've had that happen to me too :s) The easy going girl is much more attractive than the crazy girl... if you guys are just friends, let it be...
Sep 17, 2014 @ 10:41 am

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