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Breaking up


How do you get over someone you been with for 6-7 years, it's been 4 months without him and I don't know what to do, and sleeping with another man doesn't work to get over my child's father, it's hard cause we were engaged but he lived with his parents and hardly bothered with our two kids they hardly know him.
Dec 04, 2019 @ 12:00 am

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breaking up

Sometimes in life, different issues that we face are for a reason. We may not know at the time what the reason is, however it is mostly always for something better to come. It might help you to speak to somebody about your feelings, in order to put things into perspective.

I wish you the best of luck!!!!!

Dec 05, 2019 @ 12:49 pm
Ali de Bold

Think from your kid's perspective

I'm so sorry you are going through this. It's tough. But I think based on what you said that he has barely spent any time with your children, this is for the best. If he can't be bothered to invest in his own children is this someone you would want to be with forever anyway? Kids deserve to have parents who love them unconditionally. No kid should have to live with a parent (biological or step) who couldn't care less. That's damaging to them and will impact them their whole lives. Focus on your kids and building a great life for them. Then wait for someone else to come along who can love your kids (and you!) like they/you deserve.
Dec 06, 2019 @ 12:46 pm


I am sorry you are going through this but from what you are saying he doesn't seem like such a big loss. You deserve someone who is going to be there for you and your kids. I know when you are with someone whether it is good or bad you grow attached but one day you will find someone you truly love and you will wonder why you wasted so much time in the first place. Trust me I have been there. I am sure most people will agree with me when I say " You need to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince." I wish I could give you a magical answer of how to forget him but truly the only thing that will heal is time. The more time that goes by the more you will forget. Try to keep positive and remember you and your kidd deserve better.
Dec 07, 2019 @ 03:00 pm

wish you all the best

Such situations are not simple, the main thing is that children should not suffer, and that due to the troubles of adults, they don't have psychological trauma. Definitely, you and your children deserve better. But sometimes it takes time to get out of a previous relationship. Time to rethink everything, think about the lessons you've learned in this relationship, and dream about the future and what kind of person you want to see next to you. I understand you perfectly, I was going through a very painful parting, after which I was alone for a very long time. This period you just need to wait, let go of all insults, and then attract the right person into your life.
Sep 23, 2020 @ 03:48 pm

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