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Hi evryone I am currently haveing a little issue with makeing a decision of making a move.
I am currently a hair stylist in tampa flordia looking to go to nashville tennessee. The salon i am at now is a redken summit salon and i am a level one. The salon in nashville is also a redken summit salon, they do make you go thourgh a apprientice ship for 6 months and then you are full time the commison will be about the same as the salon i currently am at. Some of the service prices are little higher at the nashville salon though. I am looking to move to hopefully advance in my career as well as be a little closer to my family at this point and i am hopeing to eventually be a redken leader and practice in atlanta or LA. My father does not think that Nashville is a very creiditable place and does not think this move will help me move forward, i disagree with him though. And as far a living goes houseing is cheaper in nashville. If anyone has any input please let me no Thank You
Mar 21, 2012 @ 10:06 pm

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Do it.

I don't know anything about Nashville but I think that if there is no harm in moving there to see how it will help your career then do it! Best of luck to you!
Mar 22, 2012 @ 04:36 pm

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