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Do you expect your man to...


Hi ladies,

What do you expect your man to do for you? I mean in regards to special occasions, what sort of gift do you expect?  What sort of effort do you expect to see?  What is standard and what is expecting too much?

Thanks in advance! :)
Oct 08, 2010 @ 01:29 pm

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I expect to see the sentiment

I don't care if he buys me something expensive. In fact, depending on what it was, I would consider it a cop-out. My hubby bought me several pieces of jewelry when he went on a business trip, none of which was even close to my taste. He blew almost $1000, and I was ticked. I also discovered that he had bought them from SkyMall (the in-flight magazine), so clearly, this was a last minute thing.

A present that I considered to be of great value was the time he came home early from work, told me to curl up with a book, made dinner, and kept the kids out of my hair. Total out of pocket expense was probably $10. No extra gifts. PERFECT.

But then, I'm pretty low maintenance that way :)

Oct 08, 2010 @ 03:04 pm


... and hubs, if you're reading this: Love You :) :)
Oct 08, 2010 @ 03:06 pm


mamaluv you are so sweet!!! :)

I consider myself low maintenance too, I don't need anything expensive to know he cares, I just need something, some sort of effort that shows thought to show he cares. It's not enough for me to just "understand/ know" he cares, i want to see SOME effort, regardless of what it is.

as for price, if he is loaded and gets me a cheapo $5 ring then it definitely makes me feel bad!! as if he's just keeping up the formalities. it'll make me feel as if he can afford better but all i'm worth to him is a cheapo $5 somthing to hold up his end of the formality and show he got me something.

i remember back in college days when i was completely broke, i didn't have enough money to buy my mom a bday gift. so i made her a bouquet of flowers out of paper, cardboard, and paper cuttings. i made a cone shape out of a magazine cover, then cut up black shiny garbage bags and used that to wrap my cone so you can't tell its a mag cover. then cut up strips of paper to make the stems and leaves of the flowers, and drew and coloured in flowers, cut them up and stuck them onto the stems.

arts and crafts was never my forte, i'm sure a 5yr old could have come up with something more creative, but that was the best i could do.. to my mom at least it showed real effort, and to this day, at least 8yrs down the road, she still has it!!
Oct 09, 2010 @ 06:53 am

great story!

That's awesome Becky! I'm sure she loves it :) My little son gave me a Mother's Day bouquet of pastel cutouts of his hands and feet pasted to pipecleaners when he was 3 (okay, so it was a preschool art project that the teachers dreamed up and executed, but still...) which I have sitting on my dresser still 1.5 years later! It looks pretty ratty by now, but I love it :)
Oct 09, 2010 @ 08:20 am

Gifts not important

Because this economy has been so rough for my partner and I we have not been able to buy each other gifts for a long time now.But its the little things he does that is honestly better then recieving any gift.When he rubs my feet for hours when there sore,when he attempts to try weed the garden for me,when he does the dishes,takes out the garbage,cooks me a wonderful meal.When we sit and watch favorite shows/movies together,or when he brings me a wild rose or liliacs that hes picked, or we go to the farmers market etc and walk around together, that to me is better then any gift he could buy me.
Oct 10, 2010 @ 02:29 pm

why didn't i think of that!?

wow a bouquet of pastel cutouts of my hands ...why didn't think of that!!???? :) lol .. ok but really it sounds soooo cute!! I can see you keeping it for many more years to come :)

As far as what I expect from him, I expect him to show some thought and effort. although i consider myself low maintenance, I guess I am not entirely there as I do expect that he put some effort into special occasions to make them more memorable. Bren, I love how you appreciate all the things your man does for you, I appreciate everything mine does too, but to a certain extent I take it for granted that he will do it (i know i know that's bad!) so when it comes to special occasions, i expect him to do something out of the ordinary. And i do expect a gift (lol...shallow huh?) doesn't have to be expensve, in fact if he can't afford it doesn't have to cost any money at all!! But it has to be something to show that he put thought into me and our special occasion... hope that makes sense!!
Oct 14, 2010 @ 09:14 pm

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