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Does your family effect your mental health issues while living with Bipolar Disorder?


Bipolar Disorder can be extremely hard to understand if you do not live with it personally. Reaching out to family and friends can be the hardest part of living with a mental illness. Do you find your family and friends tend to forget that you have Bipolar Disorder and think your actions/reactions are misunderstood as being mad/sad/immature/overreacting for no reason. I find I have this issue within my circle of family and friends almost daily. If you have this issue, do you have any tips to help loved ones truly understand your illness other than reading an article online or having a deep talk which leads nowhere? 
Jun 13, 2019 @ 06:20 pm

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Misunderstood....UNDERSTATEMENT :(

Unfortunately if they dont suffer from this disorder, they can never fully understand. I also get there point of view too though, we, who suffer from bipolar disorder, can never really understand what they go through being in our lives...and that's a kind of suffering in it's own! I'm the type that isolates myself...I like to be alone...I avoid conflict because I cant handle the feeling of anxiety and to avoid conflict I tend to avoid people all together and my family, always, get offended because I hate to talk on the phone..or I dont reach out enough to make plans...they feel like avoid them to be an asshole no matter how many times I've told them that it's my own issues and has nothing to do with how I feel about them , I've begged them to try to understand but they continue to believe I dont care about these relationships which makes me want to isolate myself more because I feel like they are all talking about me behind my back ..and really I'm dying inside just wishing I could be normal..I would love to be social and feel close to everyone but its next to impossible when I get no understanding...wouldn't it be nice if someone could come up with some kind of perfect way to just make everyone know exactly what we go through so they can understand us better...its so hard because no matter how many videos they watch or books they read or advice they get...everyone with bipolar goes through it differently...its not the same for any two people so it's not possible to get the right information from outside sources and it's hard for us to explain our individual struggles to them ourselves because sometimes there aren't enough right words to get through to people so that they truly understand....although I wasnt of any help to your post at least you know someone out there understands your struggle sometimes that can be comforting good luck to ya :)
Jan 06, 2020 @ 07:06 am

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