dose he like me or not part one


well im a freshman and i really like this boy and i fell he likes me too . im a new girl in town and i got to the park with my new friends and im happy hes ther so we are all standing on the basketball court and he is trying to get me to go out with this mentaly chalenged boy im not a mean person so i say no i dont kno him then he says u dont know me either so what you tryna say im embrassed so i pull my jacket up and put my stunna shades on lol.he come up and gets in my face like a kiss is waiting i want to but affraid how hes going to react. any way 15 min later im wating for my dad to coome and all his friends are there now there lookin at me laughing and what not well he comes back over to me and touches my lips a sign he really want to kiis me dose he like me?
May 15, 2009 @ 03:21 am

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