dose he like me or not part two


were at school and we just hug in the hall ways and what not but in a slick way he waits for me after in algebra and his friend leans over and ask me would i ever go out with him ive been waiting on this one for a week now but i played it cool iwas like i dont know if it came down to it maybe witha smile then to make it seam random he asked me would i go out with another buddie of theres i said no .but all that week and week befor he kept commig to me sayin let me wear your sun glasses or you scarf or any thing just to talk to me how day we are both wearing the same color and he said come here let me see what can i take form you today you have no excuse same color i smiled and walked away fast but his friend was in the back signaling his hands back and forth towards me and him
May 15, 2009 @ 03:27 am

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