Embarassing, funny & 'i can't believe that just happened' moments


Ever have those? You burp during your presentation, or let one go in the elevators thinking it'll be silent but it turns out to be a noisy stinker, or just one of those things where you look up to the heavens and think "had to happen to me didn't it???"

I have a ton of those (um..not those specifically!!! just a ton of embarassing&funny & "why me" moments lol)! None that I can post as myself however... ahem..i do want to maintain some dignity on this site ;-) I'll post some of my happenings anonymously..

however ladies am i the only one these things happen to or are you victimized as well? What are your stories? Lets share! :-)

Mar 01, 2009 @ 11:27 pm

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'why me' moment..

I was standing outside with my friend/co-worker, my back is to the wall of our building, my coworker is facing me, his back being to the street. A guy slowly comes into my peripheral vision, he's looking at me... there's hardly anyone else around so it really was me he was looking at, or my coworker and I. anyways.... As he's walking by, he reaches down, unzips himself, takes himself out and starts to... you know .... It was -8 celcius outside and we're in Downtown Toronto, ladies!!! of course i very frantically whispered "turn around NOW!" to my coworker (i wanted a witness, and anyways why should I suffer alone? lol). He turns around, turns back to me and bursts out laughing ... sigh!! why oh why do these things happen to me?

I'm looking back at this, and I still don't see the humour... however my coworker loves to tell this story to others and cracks up each time he does.

And in case you're wondering, I never looked directly AT the guy, I kept looking atmy co-worker's and saw the guy peripherally (and this happened very fast by the way, before I had a chance to think of averting my eyes).... my coworker took a good look AT him so i'm not imagining it lol
Mar 02, 2009 @ 05:06 pm


Lots of embarrassing things have happened to me over the years...but the most recent "almost" embarrassing moment happened a few days ago. I was over at a friends house watching a movie and I guess I must have had way too many activia yogurts that day cause every 2 mins I felt like I had to fart...seriously it was bad...and they were not silent ones either...I kept excusing myself to go to the washroom just to fart....and while I was in the washroom I kept running the water or flushing the toilet so he wouldn't hear. SNAFU!!!!
Mar 02, 2009 @ 05:35 pm

way to go girl!

You beat a potentially embarassing moment!! :-) good for you!

The reach-unzip-grab-etc happened to me onother time....and that time i actually started crying! I was in the car with one of my friends, we were getting ready to go out when I look over her shoulder and see the old guy sitting in the car parked beside ours waving at me. I thought nothing of it. We were just grabbing our purses when I look at my friend and happenned to glance over her shoulder (glance out the driver side window) and saw the old man waving *something* ...a very obvious something at me. I told my friend to turn around, look at him and start laughing as loud as she can, and being the good friend she is, she did. I put on my sunglasses so the guy couldn't see that I had actually started to cry, and I started pointing and exagerrating laughter too. The man thankfully put himself away real quick when he saw us pointing and laughing at him and drove away (it was summer time, our car windows as well as his were open and we laughed loud enough so he would hear). Whats up with perverts?? sigh!!

Mar 04, 2009 @ 12:56 pm

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