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Favorite Money Saving tip?


it looks like recent changes to our health care system in Ontario will reduce my salary even more.  I can't really work any more, so I need to spend less.  Any tips we could all share and benefit from?

I always stock up on basics when they are on sale...paper towels , toilet paper, etc..usually at Shoppers weekend sales.  I actually leave some in the car as I have a very small apartment with no storage space.  This saves me at least 50%. 

I am looking into buying a used freezer so I can do the same with food.  Our new Walmart reduces produce late at night, which is when I shop after my evening shift.  I'd love to stock up on ground beef, chicken, etc...

Looking into getting a cheaper Internet/cable/phone service.  My son pays for this but I still think he spends way too much money on it. 

Do you have any favourite ways to save...I'll bet together we can save each other some serious money. 
Jun 17, 2016 @ 06:43 am

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I love points! I often base my shopping trips around bonus points - they really add up! For example, I try to buy items with extra PC points, Air Miles, Shoppers Optimum points - and even better if I have a $ off coupon for that item! Plus apps like Checkout 51 that allow you to upload your receipt and get $ back on specific items really help out. I really like to stack coupons and points. It takes some time and planning - but it always pays off!
Jun 17, 2016 @ 06:58 am


I agree with MelRichard. I also price match. I found myself in a situation where we had to cut back so this is where I started. Price matching and coupons. I now get very upset when I need something and I have to pay full price. I belong to some FB sites that help with this and now have become quite good at it. Even had a cashier comment at how impressed she was at the amount of money I saved :)
Jun 17, 2016 @ 07:01 am

great ideas

Thanks ladies. I have heard about price matching, and will definitely do that starting today. I usually just throw out my ads, but I'll take a little time, and plan accordingly. I think that Walmart and Giant Tiger price match, don't they?

And I am a points person for sure, especially Optimum and Air miles. Usually use those points for a treat for the boys and I.
Jun 17, 2016 @ 07:05 am


Walmart in my area does. I am not sure about GT ... Superstore in my area does also. The FB group I belong to has a whole list along with each store's price matching policy. If you are on FB I can direct you to the group. It is closed so they have to approve your request but that is never an issue. You can use your flyers at home to go though. This is what I do as it is easier to read. Then I use an app on my phone called Flipp. You can "tag" everything before you go and then show these at the check out. Very handy. You can also search an item and you will get every flyer it is listed in.
Jun 17, 2016 @ 07:10 am


Thank you, Kimberly. I would love to join that group. As I am a community worker, I'm all over the city, so pass just about every store at some point in the week, so I can plan myself accordingly.
Jun 17, 2016 @ 07:14 am


I love to coupon, I get a lot of items for free or close to it. I haven't paid for toothpaste (use $1 off coupon when it is on sale for 1$ and it is free) and other items in a very long time. Extreme Couponing Mom has a pretty good tutorial. Also, I have the apps Checkout51 and Zweet. Every week these apps have a list of items, if you purchase items from their list (of course only buy what you would have bought anyway) and take a picture of your receipt, they will give you cash (ok it might be 25 cents for buying fruit but it adds up overtime and some items are worth 2$, 3$, 5$) Once you reach $20 you can either cash out (they will send you a check) or let it grow some more. I have received checks from both companies and had no problem cashing them. If you combine these offers with sales and coupons you can actually make money... example: They used to have Pledge floor cleaner on the list, if you bought it and scanned your receipt they would add 7$ to you balance. I found the Pledge on sale for $4.99, bought it and scanned my receipt, they gave me 7$. I made 2$ just for buying the pledge!

Another example: right now (in quebec) Metro is selling Dove body wash for $2.99. Smartsource.ca has coupons for Dove body wash $1.50 off, print 2 of them. Checkout51 has it on their list that if you buy 2 you will get 4$. So: Use your coupons to buy 2 at 1.49 each. Scan your receipt on Checkout51 to get your 4$. Since you only spent $2.98 (after coupons) on both bottles, you actually make $1.02 ($4 - $2.89 = $1.02)

Salewhale is also a great tool. You can search up items you want to buy and it will tell you all the places it is on special in your area. You can compare and buy it at the cheapest place.

Jun 17, 2016 @ 07:21 am


I plan what meals I will be making for the week with what is already in my fridge and what is on sale in the weekly flyers. I make a grocery list and only buy what I need. I use the app "ReeBee"to get my weekly flyers and to make my shopping list - I love this app! Then, I use Checkout 51, Zweet, or the Save.ca app to see if I can get any extra savings on items I bought at the grocery store.

I also love going to yardsales, looking on kijiji, and going to thrift stores or buying things second hand. I've gotten many great deals and things I needed that were still brand new and in the box.
Jun 17, 2016 @ 07:30 am


Onimiki you sound like me. You get really excited the more you save. It really is quite fun! Salewhale is something new to me. I must check this out!

wendyroy - the FB group is called Canadian Saving Group. They also have a website so you can probably get to the FB page from there also.
Jun 17, 2016 @ 07:33 am


thank you so much ladies. I will check out all those things.

After opening my pay and seeing the hit we took, I was in a pretty low mood. But all of these ideas, together with getting a Congrats letter from CA for Vichy have saved the day!
Jun 17, 2016 @ 07:38 am


Sorry to hear about the pay hit Wendy - that really stinks.

Congrats on getting in on the Vichy!! Yay :)

Jun 17, 2016 @ 08:36 am

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