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First year dating anniversary...


April 19th is mine and my boyfriends first year of dating anniversary and I am unsure of what to do for him! I get more worked up over things like this than he does and don't want to go too over the top with it. I have already got him a card (yes, a sappy Hallmark because I'm cheesy and romantic like that lol) but want to do more for him. Money is a huge issue, I want to spend as little as possible...If I don't have to spend any, even better haha.

Any creative ideas of what I could do?
Mar 27, 2013 @ 01:33 pm

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Day trip in the city!

If you're strapped for cash, a day-date in your city is always a great idea. Check online and you're sure to find some neat parks that you can check out, special 'landmarks' that your city is known for, and weird little museums that are (usually) free of charge or only a few bucks. Maybe see if your town has an independent movie theater that's playing a movie you want to check out, admission is usually under $5 at places like these. It'll be romantic and quirky doing new things!

Since it'll be end of April hopefully the weather will be nice for you guys to walk around, and you can always do a lunch/dinner picnic at very low cost.

He'll appreciate all the time/planning you put in to the day, and again, spending time with you will be worth more than any gift you could buy him!
Mar 27, 2013 @ 04:57 pm

Make him something!

Make him something! A sexy coupon booklet, or his favourite homemade goodies. That's what I did, and it was awesome. Guys are just as cheesy as we are, they just don't admit it.

Mar 27, 2013 @ 05:54 pm

Make it!

Bootstrap budgets do not call for a lack of romance! I've been making my beau things pretty much since we started dating, as both of us are students. When you make things for someone else it really speaks to how much they mean to you and is often better received than something storebought.

What's your talent? I've done several portraits of my sweetheart during our time together and made a custom guitar for him (when I actually had money to buy the parts..). You can pretty much take anything you are good at and find a way to incorporate it into a gift.

Here are some suggestions:

-Bake him something sweet/ cook a gourmet at-home meal. You can step it up a bit if you want by cooking something and then taking him out for a romantic picnic.

-Write him something! Yes, you bought him a card but you can write him a poem, a list of why you love him, a story from your perspective about the first time you met.. The sweetest thing he can read will be something coming from your heart.

-Stay up all night to watch the sun rise together. What you do to kill time is up to you ;)

-Make a mix cd for him filed with songs that mean something to both of you/ make you think of him

-Plan a scavenger hunt for him! The continued element of surprise and the fact that it's a game for him make this one a sure hit.

Good luck from one broke romantic to another! <3

Mar 28, 2013 @ 11:22 am


Thanks for the input ladies!
I found this on Pinterest and thought it was pretty cool...

K, my bf likes his morning java just like everyone else and I saw that you can write or draw on a coffee mug with a Sharpie, bake it for 30mins at 350 and its on there permanately. Soo, I was thinking of writing something cute/funny on his cup and filling it with chocolates and candies (he has a real sweet tooth!) Best part about all of this is that I can get all this for cheap at the Dollar store and Bulk Barn.

What do you think? :D
Mar 28, 2013 @ 11:37 am

Chalkboard Paint!

If you're thinking of a coffee mug gift, you could also chalkboard paint a mug!

Also, what about an edible arrangement?

If he loves a good cocktail:

(image via foodbeast.com)

But you could easily redo this with any other food product. If he has a sweet tooth maybe bake some cupcakes and create an arrangement?
Mar 28, 2013 @ 11:54 am

bake a cake.

You can also bake a cake if you have the time and surprise him.
Mar 04, 2015 @ 05:19 pm

don't over think it!

Remember its the girls that have the "expectations". Its your first year so you can get away with something sexy( which is probably what he really wants),food (homemade)or an all night marathon of a favorite series of his movies /TV show.
Whatever you do make sure you have fun and dont be stressed about all the little details. Your together not because of the gifts you give each other but rather because you enjoy each other. So celebrate that!
Mar 11, 2015 @ 09:39 pm

First Year Anniversary

The best things in life are free. I would recommend a nice romantic walk down by lake ( weather permitting).The atmosphere of the water and the view is so soothing. A lot of the birds are returning and there's nothing like getting back to nature. Its not about where you go or what you do. Its about who's beside you. Good Luck
Mar 21, 2015 @ 05:33 pm

Go slow

Congrats on making it to a year. If your bf is not too fussy about it, you don't really want to do too much as this might make him think you are trying too hard. You have a limited budget then I am sure he will understand. You don't want to be the one to always be going all out on special days, it may work against you as the relationship progresses, because you will be expecting him to do more for you, but he will be already programmed to think that you are the one who will go all out not him. All the best.
Mar 24, 2015 @ 10:44 am

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