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Friday Night...


Hey! I live in Toronto and my boyfriend came over from England. He has been here for over a month and we want to go out tonight but have no idea what to do.

The problem also is that he is very picky...no concerts, comedy shows, arcades, pool or bowling.

Ive taken him out to Dundas Square, Litte italy, China town, Riverdale farm, clubbing, movies, and Eatons Center. Please help!

Nov 19, 2010 @ 09:18 pm

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how about

the distillery district?
Nov 20, 2010 @ 01:23 pm

how about a long drive??

I spent most of this year in england myself, and the one thing i really about toronto was the wide open areas, clutter free roads (compared to London!!), long drives!! Oh and MALLS!!! London does NOT have good malls.. their Selfridges and Harrods remind me of Bay or Sears (but jacked up prices of course). You know how we have "Malls"? Huge closed unit with tons of stores inside it? Well london doesn't have any of those, so I really suggest hitting up the malls!! Eatons is a good one, but there are MANY more..

Yorkdale mall
Vaughn Mills Mall (this one is HUGE and in Sections to be sure to go to all)
Sherway Garens
Fairview Mall

Show him the scenic Ontario - take him to Niagara Falls.
Be sure to visit Niagara on the Lake... it's too gorgeous to pass up!

England is super expensive, so take him to Orfus Rd .. he can get all his shopping (for himself and gifts) done there for really cheap! Everything from shoes, perfumes, clothes, coats, etc. can be found there. Even though I'm sure our regular malls are cheap to him (considering the £ to $ conversion) :-)

And he's all the way here in Canada, why not take a quick drive down to Quebec city? Show him quebec, and Montreal... its a decent long drive, you can take in the scenery and see a new province and culture!!

Then of course we have Thousand Islands, and even our small Centre Island and Ward Island too if you guys are willing to brave the cold :-)

Have tons of fun!! This is an amazing city, show off :-)
Nov 20, 2010 @ 11:06 pm

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