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I met a guy at work after I helped him buy a present for his sister he asked for number. We got along really good especially when we went to movies. We text everyday but the issue with him he tends to reply back late or not all. He works around 5am and gets off at 2pm or 3pm so eventually he falls asleep which I notice he sleeps around 7p since he always stops texting me around that time. I totally understand his a busy guy but he can at least make time to text me. I complain to him twice already. The 1st time I told him about him always stops texting me after 7pm his response was well you never text me and I'm always the one who texts you and you probably won't even text me at all if I stop texting you. So I totally got distracted from his response and didn't make him explain why he stops texting me. So the 2nd time he did it I send him a message telling him that the thing I enjoy the most is texting him he took like 5hrs to reply back I kind of got mad and when he finally replied he said something sweet and said he had fallen asleep so I was like yeah OK!! By my response he ask if I was irritated with him and i said yes just a little he was all like sorry I was tired and fell asleep so I accept his apology and the next day he does it again. Which I'm getting tired of it and even if I reply back to his text less than a minute when he sends his he still doesnt reply. On top of that he never metions he wants to see me again or tries to set up a 2nd date. I even tried doing the same thing to him after I asked him if he wanted to hang out on Friday but he said he couldn't due to work and he was going to see his parents and a sorry response was went when he saw that I didn't text back and I didn't until a day later. I'm exaggerating too much and should just let go?
Nov 20, 2014 @ 12:02 am

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But I think you need to chill... he's not even your boyfriend yet, you might be scaring him away... if he wants to text you he will... men are dumb and don't play silly games, he's not sitting there purposefully not texting you back as part of a game, he's just busy, absent minded, or doesn't really care... sounds like he's not really interested but wants to keep you on the back burner for now... so just chill and let it happen... don't try to force it... keep your options open
Nov 20, 2014 @ 09:47 am


Honestly, some guys just aren't that big into texting. Or they really do forget. I've seen my husband do it a million times. Someone texts him, he glances at it while at work or doing something else, goes back to what he's doing and totally forgets about the text until hours (or sometimes days) later when the person texts again.

From the sounds of it, he's not your boyfriend and you guys don't seem to be close friends so he doesn't really owe you anything. Instead of constantly texting, why don't you try calling? And you ask him out once and he happened to have plans, ask him again. Why is he the one responsible for making the second date?

My advice is to back off, take it more casually and as the previous commenter said, keep your options open. You guys aren't dating, you don't even seem to be in the friend zone really, so just go back to being casual and check out other potential guys.
Nov 21, 2014 @ 04:17 pm

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