His back in my life...!!


So there's this guy who I always had on crush on...He always flirted with me but I didn't want to get my hopes up if he liked me, until one time we were by ourselves hanging out and he kissed me and only like two more times we hang out to make out nothing else happen...when school ended I never talk to him and when school started I was so happy to see him but unfortunately i saw him holding hands with a girl and she was pregnant... I moved on it was hard seeing them together, but i made it through... So when school ended i contact him 4 months after senior years ended which was a horrible idea I regret it!!! Basically I flirted with him hoping he will do the same like he used to, but he didn't obvious because he really love his girl, so after that i changed my number and deleted his number... Although I still had him as a friend in facebook, but since I deactivated it and I activated it again like 3 months and he started messaging me again like for 3 weeks now.. Its weird because he messages me very flirtatious things and he says he really wants to hang out    ( since its been 2 years since we haven't seen each other).. So I went one his facebook and his girl's facebook and search their friends to see if they had each other as friends but they didn't although she has pictures of them together and he only has one picture which i think its weird... But by the way he texts me it seems like they are not together... On top of that I try complaining to him that I don't like messaging him on facebook... i said to him (i'll rather text you by phone then facebook because right now people keep on trying to chat with me) and he said we can talk some other time.. He message me right now from facebook and i don't know if I should reply back or make him get the message that if he wants to contact me he needs to get my number... And I want to ask him if his still in a relationship with his girl when we see face to face or should i ask him now???
Apr 22, 2013 @ 10:03 pm

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It's so much easier said than done, but if you are brave enough just come right out and ask him. If you don't, you'll be stuck dancing around the issue for a while yet.

It's also an opportunity for him to make his status clear. As you obviously know, some guys say they are single when they are not. If he's a dad, there's a chance he's grown bored of home life and would consider stepping out on his wife/GF. If you ask him straight out and he gives you a clear answer, then at least if down the line you find out it's not true, you have the benefit of a clear conscience.
Apr 23, 2013 @ 09:48 am

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