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How do I know how he feels what do I do ??


Ok so I started talking to this guy at the end of august and we talk every day and a few weeks after we have been talking I told him I was starting to like him and he said he couldn't def say he liked me like that ONLY because we havent hung out much. so things were good and we still talked everyday and hung out a couple of times and then he started a 2nd job and he has been busy and we havnet talked much and I felt like he was pulling away like backing away. So I asked him if he didnt want to talk to me much anymore and he said no thats not true but things still felt like he didn't. so a few days ago I asked him honestly how do you feel about me and he said honestly i couldnt answer that and i asked why and he said he hasnt thought about it. So I said I felt stupid for saying how I felt and he told me that i didnt need to and shouldnt. So I said if you want il just leave you alone and he said I didnt need to go and do all that. but I dont know what do to I want him to talk to me with out me doing it first. Does he not like me was that him rejecting me nicely or does he not know? please help im so confused!
Oct 26, 2008 @ 02:21 pm

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i always feel even though i am dying to tell someone that i like them,i think a girl should be a bit more reserved in making the first move in terms of emotion...it makes the guy run a bit :) this way he might be more appreciative of you.i think you should lay off the 'emotional talk' and just go with it...let him be the one to tell you next that he likes you.if he doesn't,let this be a lesson to learn...i cannot generalize,but most guys kind of enjoy the suspense of whether or not they can win the girl over,so why not sit back now after you've been doing all the work :)
Oct 27, 2008 @ 06:26 am
Ali de Bold

He's not interested.

Everything you are saying including your own gut instinct is that he is not interested. Move on and don't waste any more of your time.

The worst thing you can do is keep talking to him about it. The only way I have ever seen a situation like this work out is when the pursuer backs off entirely and stops talking to the person, focuses on making their life better (education, career, fitness/heath/spirituality, friends, family, etc). If you take the energy you are investing in your feelings for him and reinvest that in those things I mentioned you will morph from needy girl he isn't interested in, to awesome Chick he blew his chances with.

And I agree with reeshie19 that most guys like to pursue and feel they have won you over.
Oct 27, 2008 @ 11:01 am

he's not interested

I agree w/ MC.  He's no into you, but doesn't want to hurt you, either.  So he's been evasive.  Move on.  You'll know when a guy IS really into you.  When I guy really likes you he makes time for you and makes it a point to see you and spend time w/ you.  It will all just come so effortlessly.
Oct 27, 2008 @ 09:46 pm

get rid of this douche

i'm going to sell my soul to the other side and tell you what's happening.

unfortunately, all the princesses above me are right. he's not interested, but at least he's consciously trying to not hurt you. not saying that makes it hurt any less because believe me i've BEEN THERE. but this one isn't going to happen. compounding the crappy feeling is the "don't waste your time..." stuff because you would love NOTHING MORE than to waste your damn time thinking about this guy and are probably going to do it anyway. but it's still the right advice. on the other hand, if you absolutely CANNOT STAND to move on without exhausting EVERYTHING (and you two maintain some sort of contact) - cut off contact completely and the appearance that you "moved on THAT quickly" might screw with his head a little bit and have him re-examining himself to the tune of "am i really THAT easy to get over?" my first advice is still to blow this dude off for your own peace of mind but if you're desperately looking for a last ditch 'hail mary' i'd try that. it would screw with his ego a little if nothing else (why am i contributing to the plight of a NICE GUY again?)
Oct 30, 2008 @ 05:19 pm

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