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How does Top chick of the month work


Hello , it just wanted to know when the top chick of the month is decided ? Yesterday I needed 4thousand something I can't remember exactly to become top chick and this morning it says 5 thousand something , just wondering not complaining . I really like it here

Jan 31, 2016 @ 01:17 pm

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You just gotta keep doing reviews until your hit however many points it tell says you need to hit top chick status.
Jan 31, 2016 @ 01:24 pm


I think you get 15 points per review you do. It should tell you on the top of the screen. And then when you want to know how many more point you need, just go to the home screen to check your points status.
Jan 31, 2016 @ 01:27 pm


The reason why the number has been changing is because it depends on the numbers of the last top chick on board. If the number 10 person decides to add more reviews (and say, you do not), the number to beat that top 10 person will increase accordingly.

Example: Top 10 person has 6000 points. You have 1000. You need 5001 more to beat them.

Top 10 person adds 500 more points - getting a total of 6500. You will then need 5501 to beat that person and be part of the top 10.

Hopefully that makes sense. I am sort of new to this point system as well.
Jan 31, 2016 @ 01:29 pm


Hmm... I guess it will be decided by the end of today, Eastern Standard time. Perhaps the previous winners and / or senior members would be able to say for sure.
Jan 31, 2016 @ 01:31 pm

top chick tidy69

tidy69. In answer to your first question, the top chicks are chosen at the end of the day on the last day of the month.This means for the month of Feb. to get a chance at being a top chick you begin all over again posting reviews etc to earn points. The slate is erased at the end of the month to begin again.
Jan 31, 2016 @ 01:36 pm

Oh Boy !!!!

Well I think you all answered my questions , I just have to post more reviews , thanks girls for all the help
Jan 31, 2016 @ 01:41 pm

Top chick

I'm enjoying not stressing reviews I go in spurts doing reviews. I enjoy the community. I got top one last month time for someone else!
Jan 31, 2016 @ 03:04 pm

Not stressed though

Not stressed though just having fun posting what products I like .
Jan 31, 2016 @ 03:15 pm


I did last month but no more..
Jan 31, 2016 @ 04:16 pm


Talking in the forums alot gives you points too
Jan 31, 2016 @ 04:19 pm

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