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How to approach this without any regrets..


I've been dating this AMAZING guy ( Adam) for a while and could not be happier but, lately I've been finding that he has been saying hello to this - Heather- older girl wayyyy to often and a little to friendly. I didn't say anything at first because I am a very jealous person and Adam knows this so, I try not to take things to hard when it comes to this girl. BUT today just made me go insane.

" Heyyyy Adammmm!!!"
We were walking down the hallway together and she pushes him and Adam trips over my friend into the locker, quite hard but recovered fast to turn around and have a few words with her, I try to sort of walk slowly away, thinking he'll get a hunch and follow me but instead makes me wait and then follows...

Then, at lunch I had an appt near by so Adam decided he'd come with me and wait so that was the plan but then he went to go get something and never came back after 5mins had past, so I had to leave or I'd be late for my appt so I passed along to a friend to tell him that I left.

After Lunch, I went to my next class and when I walk in a friend of mine tells me Adam had been looking for me but I knew he'd gotten my message because she said that she would pass it along. But I still wanted to make sure so at the end of class I stayed outside the room for a while waiting for him to pass by to get to his class but...he never showed so I walked a but farther and there he was right around the corner....TALKING TO HER!! I was so irritated I walked right behind Heather and Adam must've been blind or something cause there was no way he could have missed me!! He was facing my direction not even 5 steps away and I was walking right behind her? Soooo I'm not a very happy camper and at the moment and I feel like saying to him later when I confront him that Heather is off bounds but I can't say that, I know but..I kinda feel like it almost. How should I bring it up and how to go about him flirting with her? What if he says he wasn't?

Help would be very much appreciated
Nov 10, 2009 @ 04:55 pm

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Keep your cool

It sounds like they're just friends and they talk to each other. I don't see a problem with it. Keep your cool. It seems to me that all they're doing is saying hi to each other, talk for a couple of minutes and that's it. I wouldn't worry about it.
Nov 10, 2009 @ 06:05 pm

Sounds preeetty annoying to me lol.

The things I wouldn't be okay with either would be his ignoring me
while he's talking to her and her shoving him (hand off my man!
:p).....I know I would have definitely just kept walking on and acted
very aloof lol. If you can't tell I can be a really jealous person lol.
Nov 14, 2009 @ 12:10 am

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