How to Fix a Bad Kisser

on Sep 06, 2011 @ 06:42 pm

I've started dating this guy and he's bad at kissing. The first kiss I thought might've been just because it's the first kiss and that's usually awkward. But they're still bad after that. His kisses are slobbery and not very firm and his hands are jabby (not sure if that makes sense). And for some reason when he's done making out for a bit he'll kiss my forehead. All of this actually makes me not want to kiss him at all. How can I get him to be a better kisser? I've considered telling him outright but I think that'd be too much a blow to his ego. Any ideas?

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try showing him on Sep 07, 2011 @ 11:58 am

It sounds like maybe he has an idea in his head about what he thinks girls want in a kiss. However that def is not it! I think the closer ya'll get the more real the kiss will become. If that makes sense. When you kiss him maybe slow down and kiss him slowly how you want the kiss to be. It will probably seem more sensual to him but if he starts picking up on it say " i love when you kiss me like that". Guys are pretty basic...most of them know that "i like/love when you do that" mean that THAT IS WHAT THEY SHOULD DO. lol

Good luck! :)

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