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Okay, i really like this guy. we are in the same classes. i have liked him since 6th grade i'm a freshman now. yeahh. I sit behind him in every class we have together. So we started talking and we talked all the time. my friends say he is flirting. But i just dont no.

Out of no were on day. he started texting me. i got superr excited. One of my close friend is rly good friends with him texted him if he thought i was pretty and OMG he said yeahh I think she is really pretty. So I texted him and wass like heyyy.. and was like who are you liken these dayss. I told himm umm idkk. he was like i think i no..is it me? I freaked out i had no clue what to say or do. so i was like umm. did you say i was pretty? he was like yeahh i did. but are you gonna tell me who you like. lol so i was like well thx for thinkin im pretty. your pretty cute yourself. and yeahh i do like you. and he said well i just wanna be friend, i dont wanna girlfriend right now..

welll all that prefect texted ended after awhile and now it all awkward around each other now. dont talk to each other as much. when we try we both kinda freak and blush and dont say much. I hate it i wish i never told him. I liked it better when we were friends and talkd ALOT! mann, what should i do?
Mar 03, 2010 @ 10:11 pm

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Ali de Bold

Act normal until it is?

As I see it your only choices are to have a conversation and tell him you'd like to get past the weirdness or if that is too awkward, can you just treat him like a friend the way you did before until he is comfortable again? You can crack a joke or something to break the ice.

Guys take longer to mature so unfortunately it will probably have to be up to you to get your friendship back on track. Good luck!
Mar 04, 2010 @ 01:33 pm

Just do it

Being truthful can never fail you.

Especially when it comes to guys, just say what you're feeling and it will be over before you know it. Guys like to solve problems and move on, their nature isn't to dwell on issues.

So if you can, I think you should go for it and talk with him!

Make it short and sweet, be direct, say exactly what you feel (try not to skirt around the issue bc most guys are not good at interpreting our messages) ...as scary as it is, it's your best bet for getting to a better place.
Mar 06, 2010 @ 11:10 am

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