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I need help


so i am writing this to send my my ex in hoping i could get her bk into my life. please tell me if there is anything i can change to this to make it better.

So about a year and a half ago I had a girlfriend
and her name was Samantha*.  I saw here
today and she is currently dating a good friend of mine, and it hurts to see
that.   From the day we broke up I have
never stopped loving her. It has been 1 year 
5 months 12 days since we broke up in October of 2010, and I still love
her as much and maybe even more then I did. I loved her more than anything and
anyone in the world.  As the song grenade
by Bruno Mars says ``Take a bullet straight through my brain yes I would die
you ya``. yes I can say for sure I would have done that and much more for her. To
me she was my life my all I loved her very much and when she broke up with me. I
was broken I didn't say anything to anyone for 2 weeks because I felt that the
moment I said something I was going to burst out in tears.

goes to my school now and seeing her beautiful self everyday with another guy
or by herself I think, why? Why did she have to break up with me? Why did she
have to break my heart when she knew I would treat her right and loved her so
much? If there was anything I could change in the world it would be that me and
her would have been together for ever.  What
can I say she was everything I wanted in a person. good since of humor and a
great personality. To a lot of people looks are a lot for them to, I`m not like
that, to me the looks weather ugly or pretty it doesn`t matter  what matters is what is inside of that body
that counts. I will say that she had stunning looks and that was just a added
bonus for me yes it was nice having a good looking girlfriend and all guys will
say `` yeah I have a hot girlfriend`` and then go bragging about it. I look at
all woman the same, whether hot or not does not matter. What matters is whether
they are beautiful inside and not outside.

this day I don`t know if I will ever be able to say truthfully I don't like you
that way anymore Samantha*. I just don't know if I will ever be able to
because right now every time I see you my heart races and every time we talk I
just want to yell to the heavens please Samantha* please come back to me. If only I
could tell if you really liked me still or a way of finding out without going
up to you and asking because I'm scare to find out the answer. I`m scared that
you is going to say no.  If there was
anything I could say to you Samantha* it would be where did I go wrong to push away
the woman I loved the most and still love.

*Editor's Note: Name Changed
Apr 12, 2012 @ 10:23 pm

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Self-Esteem and Confidence

I would highly recommend NOT giving this to her until after she is single again.
I will have to admit this sounds a little bit desperate. Women are attracted to confidence - real confidence. Maybe she is just dating this new guy to make you jealous? Did she ever tell you her reason for breaking up with you? Sometimes the 'not knowing' is what makes us hold on, and if you could get closure for that (for example, she tells you she just wasn't physically attracted to you - which you really can't change no matter what; or she tells you that she doesn't like the purple & pink polka-dot boxers you always wear - which you can change.
There are a few spelling [grammatical?] errors which I could point out to you if you would like, if that is what you are looking for as well.
Apr 21, 2012 @ 02:27 am

If its meant to be it will be

You sound like an absolute doll and I completely agree with husky, girls are attracted to confidence, so I suggest not to give this to her either. I would just pull her aside one day and tell her you miss her and would love to have a second chance. Don't fear being rejected fear not trying for what you want and if she does reject you move on and if it's meant to be later in life it will be.
Make sure though that you are confident and not going to break down in tears. Good luck :-)
May 06, 2012 @ 08:54 pm

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