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inexpensive stylish wedding dresses?


I'm going to need to find a dress for my wedding coming up in October. Being a frugal bride, i don't want to spend thousands and I kind of like the idea of used/vintage dresses. I want some colour as well! I'm definitely not a white wedding dress kinda gal. Does anyone have any suggestions for great stores in Toronto for this kind of thing?
Feb 09, 2007 @ 03:48 pm

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I'm so glad you're asking for a dress that isn't a typical wedding dress. I wouldn't be able to help you there!

There's a cool store called F/X on 515 Queen St W (Queen and Augusta). Many nice colourful dresses there. Most of them are very princessy and colourful. I'm not sure about the prices though. I think they are also in the mid 100s range.

There is also Fashion Crimes (looove loovvee that store!). Tons of very cool, original beautiful dresses, all handmade (see my rating on my profile). Only thing: dresses' prices are more in the mid-hundreds. I am not sure what budget you are working with. They often have ones on clearance. I bought my prom dress from there on clearance, $199 Highest recommended store!

Kensington Market. They do have some really funky cheap finds there. My friend found a real vintage prom dress there too.

If you want to be really thrifty, I have seen some pretty dresses at Value Village. But to find one of those, is to find a real diamond in the ruff.

If you walk along Spadina Ave and Queen St (fashion district) there are tons of store that sell dresses. I am not sure if you want to go searching that way. Everytime I take the Spadina St car, I see all these little shops that sell a variety of dresses. It it all a matter of seeing dresses in a window display, and walking in.

This last store is not really vintage, but it is Fairweather. Nice dresses, not too expensive at all. But they do have a nice selection.

Well, that is all I know on that. Good luck and congrats on getting married! :)

- artist
Feb 10, 2007 @ 12:19 am

Peach Berserk

Peach Berserk on Queen St. has a lot of funkyish dresses. My friend had hers made there and she was very happy with it. It was expensive, maybe a few hundred dollars, but it's still cheaper than buying a "real" wedding dress from a bridal shop.


The other place you can try is Windsor Bridal (Orfus Rd). That was my first stop b/c it's like a wedding dress warehouse. They have tons and tons of wedding dresses to choose from. They have used dresses but they can also order new ones for you. If you go, make an appointment for early Saturday morning (as soon as they open) or go during the weekday. If they are busy, they will only let you try on like 3-4 dresses (I went on Sat. morning when they are not busy, I tried on 10.)

Not all the dresses at Windsor Bridal are cheap though. You might get lucky and find a used one off the rack for a few hundred dollars and then just alter the dress to fit you. But it is a really good place to start. I saw some dresses there with colours and they were very pretty.


If you see a dress you liked at a bridal store, write down the designer and the dress code number. Then see if you can find the dress online (eg. eBay). Also, for your other accessories (eg. tiara, jewelry, crinoline), try to shop on eBay. I bought my crinoline on eBay for $40 (shipped within the week) and it would've cost me $35 to rent each time (for alterations and for the big day).
Mar 17, 2007 @ 09:12 pm

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