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Is he into me?


So there is this guy at work. When i started i used to see him looking at me and glancing but look away, put his head down and look embarrassed when i looked back.  Sometimes he would lean back in his chair and look directly at me if i was at an angle.  but here is where it gets confusing. My friend liked his friend, i liked him.  Whenever we entered the room, they would all look in our direction.

So, the guy i like would say hello to MY FRIEND when i was never around and she was by herself. If i was with her he would ignore her too. and if i was alone, he would look really awkward, look the complete opposite direction even if it was a blank wall. same thing happened, the guy my friend liked would always say hey to me but not to her until he got confident.lol

so they were both working in the hallway and i was approaching them. the confident guy smiled at the guy i like, made a glance down my direction. his friend (the guy i like), looked down to see what he was talking about, looked really embarrassed and awkward and a little pissed off, walked around the corner as fast as possible. and in a really loud voice his friend said hello and asked how i was. but was laughing at the same time.  when i walked away. he went to get his friend (still laughing).

even since then, i walked by him on the corridor by himself, and i realised the s**t i really liked him. i got butterflies, my heart was racing and i was fumbling my words for about 10 minutes after. sad i know. but on the way back. he was gone, but his stuff was there. he disappears whenever i appear.  

also, one day at lunch i walked into the canteen, and  his body language got really awkward. his friend was smirking and well, i don't really know how to take it. everytime we see each other, we look but look away straight away if we see....   :(    i'm sad.. he seems like a shy guy and keeps himself to himself. and he is so normal.  he is not even that attractive but something is drawing me towards him, and always has since i first seen him... it's never happened to me before.
so what do you guys thinks?

i'm a creep
does he like me but is too shy to admit it

please help, would love your opinions as he doesn't seem to be around much any more and i am leaving in a few weeks. do you think i should try get friendlier or does it seem like he's not interested?

Jan 13, 2012 @ 07:50 pm

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This story is so cute! I would personally say it sounds like he does like you and is just being shy. If he's not doing anything about it maybe you should be bold and make the first move.
If you're kinda scared I would wait until the next time he acts all weird, awkward and go straight up to him casually and ask directly if you have a hole in your clothes or something in your teeth that makes him react this way each time. lol Or maybe ask his friend if you ever see him alone. But definitely get that confidence and go for it! You have nothing to lose. :)
Jan 13, 2012 @ 08:12 pm


I hope so..i cannot figure it out but something is just drawing me towards him. i hope he's not acting weird awkward and shy around me because he knows i like him and he doesn't feel the same..would that make him awkward? i hope not..maybe he has a gf..but i;m afraid to find out, he literally disappears, head down, angry face and glances slightly.lol... ahhh dammnnnn.....
Jan 13, 2012 @ 09:22 pm

I think he likes you

I think he likes you and he's shy. Ask him out. Tomorrow is valentines day. Maybe get a cheesy card and put it on his desk. :) Or a chocolate bar, something cute. Maybe if you make the 1st move he'll come around. You can put the card on his desk when he goes for break or to the washroom. That way he won't see you put it there and it won't be awkward handing it to him.

Good luck!
Feb 13, 2012 @ 04:58 pm

shy guy

It does sound like he's shy, and your story is def' very cute :-) I wouldn't do anything too extravagant to attract attention to myself if I were you though. Especially since it's the work place, you don't want to embarrass yourself or draw attention to yourself....

If I were you I'd say hi to him next time I see him, ask about a common work project, or something you know he's working on, and then after you chitchat for a few mins, ask him if he wanted to go grab a cup of coffee. You work together, asking him for a cup of coffee in the middle of the day doesn't sound awkward at all. My coworkers and I go for coffee together all the time! You can go for a quick cup and sit around and chat for a bit. I'm sure if he likes you, the coffee will be all the excuse he needs to ask you out on a real date :-)

Good luck!
Feb 13, 2012 @ 05:40 pm

He likes you...

Cute story! I remember being in your exact position in High School. I found out, years after high school, that my crush liked me back and I never did anything about it and neither did he! We are still friends to this day, but never actually dated.

It sounds like he likes you, but he's very shy. He may even back away if you approach him too boldly. Strike up a casual conversation and see how things go. I know it is easier said than done! But if you like him it's better to find out now that he likes you back than 3 years later! :)

Good Luck.
Feb 13, 2012 @ 10:41 pm

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