jealous of his BF


Is it just me ladies ? Or do we get a little jealous of our man's relationship with his best friend ..... The calling / texting while he is with me drives me nuts !!! His friend is single and a real player . This guy has dated slept with soooo many girls i cannot keep track. He seems to bring out a side of my man that i really DO NOT like . It is a touchy subject of course because they have been friends for many years . They laugh like little girls sometimes - to the point of hardly breathing . It is a tad strange to me . Anyone else encounter this ?

Aug 02, 2009 @ 10:16 am

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can't compete...

YESSS . I have had this happen to me too . And i just found i could not compete , so i gave up trying . Sounds like they have been friends since like high school or something like that . Don't go there girl > As long as they are doing harmless stuff together , he really needs that outlet with guy friends. But , if the single guy is dragging your man out to clubs and dancing with other woman and all that goes along with that - you know what i mean - perhaps not so good . It is about what goes on when you are not around that you need to discuss with your partner . Tell him what is not appropriate and what makes YOU feel uncomfortable .
Aug 02, 2009 @ 10:38 am
Ali de Bold


I agree with legz99 but would also add that there is this thing called manners where when you are with someone you pay attention to them. If you are spending time together and he is texting away to someone else that is very rude. I can't imagine anything more annoying than competing with a cell phone.
Aug 02, 2009 @ 04:05 pm

can relate !!!!

With us , it gets to the point where i want to say" why don't you just marry him or something ". His BF would be what he wants ,apparently ,in a woman. We have been together for years now , but his friend always gets my goat. Like when we are out - he will say stuff to me like i am not spontaneous . Well , yes, I LIKE A PLAN. But the one that is soooo annoying is when he is out with his buddies and he sends me TEXTS at like 1 am saying he's still out and its fun not knowing what they are doing next . GOOD FOR YOU !! It is childish to me . Cannot figure out why he does this .
Aug 03, 2009 @ 01:11 pm

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