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John and Kate


I'm curious to know what those of you who watch this show think about this sort of a reality show. I haven't seen any of the episodes but from what I've seen in the media, my first reaction is horror that a couple would allow their relationship and family life to be under the microscope of a reality TV series. How could those kids have a normal life under that kind of scrutiny? Especially now with the divorce? Of course being the voyeurs we are this is TLC's most popular show. It's up to the viewers not to engage in and encourage this sort of thing. Do you agree, disagree?
Jun 24, 2009 @ 04:34 pm

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good intentions gone astray

I think Jon and Kate started this show with good intentions. They want their kids, at the very least, to have what they had when they were children (we all do as parents) but with 8 kids, there is no way they can afford anything beyond their basic needs. Kate can't work because daycare/babysitting cost would be too expensive. They needed extra income, this reality opportunity came up and they took it.

I can understand why they did it. I want my kids to have birthday parties, family vacations, etc. And with so many siblings, I think it's very important that each child gets time alone with their parents. But everything cost money, money they'd never have if they hadn't done this show.

I think some of their trips/parties are a bit extravagant, but they didn't start out extravagant. I think at the beginning, people watched this show because the kids were cute and Jon & Kate were genuine people. They've only started to turn "showy" when people keep giving them all sorts of expensive freebies and I think the fame has gone to their heads.

I agree with Anonymous on the point of their divorce. I wish they would give up the show and make this divorce as private as possible. It's bad enough for the children that their parents are separating. But to have the whole world watching the divorce and have all their friends know every detail of their parents' failed marriage, it must be so embarrassing for them. This embarrassment will ultimately add to their trauma and I feel terrible for them.
Jun 24, 2009 @ 07:48 pm


I agree with what you both say...something stands out in my mind, but don't quote me. Jon said, "This is a business now and I stay back when Kate goes out and does appearances..." He looked uncomfortable when he said it....but gosh, the show goes on, huh....

I guess its a question of...at what point does 'the business' start to interfere with 'the family'? Should that even be a gray area?

I feel bad for the children :(
Jun 24, 2009 @ 09:30 pm


I am truly sooo sad that it has come to this for Jon and Kate . i watched the show religiously -and sometimes WOULD EVEN watch episodes twice. Kate was quite rude and crazy particular about things, we all know . I can t even imagine what it must have been like with 8 kids and a full crew in their old house !!! Way too small . I would lose my mind . But anyway ... Jon seemed to change before our eyes . He became distant and stand offish . None of us will ever know if he actually cheated but when he was asked on camera , his body language was weird . The whole thing really grossed me out !! What is this dude thinking - now the divorce- and apartment hunting in NEW YORK . Oh ya -thats real close to your beloved kids - Not cool .

Jul 11, 2009 @ 11:57 am

exploiting his children

I wanted to believe Jon and Kate have good intentions and that they will always put their kids ahead of money. But how twisted is this?!


Designing a children's clothing line with his new GF?! AND using his own kids as models?! Seriously twisted!!

If they were my kids, I'd try to get them out of spotlight as much as possible after this realty show and the public divorce, not to put them directly under spotlight again.
Jul 13, 2009 @ 04:05 pm

Definitely Twisted

I also watched the show religiously when it first started until about the 4th season, or I think thats the number. They were truly trying to make a living by doing the show and if you heard what Kate said about the chance to go on TLC then you would understand why they did. Jon and Kate always recorded their lives, and when they had the sextuplets they didn't have the time and energy to tape it all so they loved the idea that someone would be able to do it for them and also get paid for it! But it did get out of hand. Fame of course, but also eventually loosing touch with one another because of being super busy, stressed, and away at work. It had a big impact on Jon and Kate's relationship. Sure Kate is a bi*** most of the time, but I give her props for not being a junkie or giving up. She tries her best to give her kids the best. Not many moms of one child can do what she does for her 8 kids. How could she be any sweeter to Jon when he seemed not to care. He was just there, but not there emotionally. Jon has no excuse. I thought he was a cool dad, but I did see some red flags by the way he was talking to her and the kids. It was as if he was annoyed by them all for a long time. Honestly, I don't think he was making Kate's job as a mom any easier. He never thought ahead or helped organize anything, therefore I can see why Kate had to give him orders. I feel more sorry for Kate. I don't think Jon was MAN enough for a strong woman like Kate or a big family. I may be the only person to back her up so much, and I don't care if I am. I totally get her! I am so much like her it is scary. I wish I could clean as much as her though. Im too lazy to be as OCD as her. But I kinda wish I was more organized and hardworking like her. Jon was more relaxed which was supposed to balance her but his mistake was when he just took the back seat. I believe that men should be the MAN of the house, but when the male in the house chooses to take a back seat then what do the females have to do? So, I could write a book about all of this. I think Jon is a duchebag. He wasn't man enough to keep control of his family, or his dick! I think it could have worked out if he hadn't cheated! It's hard to get over that! But worst of all, he hurt his kids in front of the whole world!
Jul 14, 2009 @ 02:35 am

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