Love at First Sight? Canadian Searching for Irish Woman he Met for Just 2 Minutes


A Canadian dentist named Sandy Crocker met a woman last summer for just two minutes and fell in love. Since then, he's put his life on hold to search for her. He met her while on vacation, asked her for directions and left. He was leaving soon so he didn't see any sense in pursuing things but soon changed his mind. 


He said: "Maybe it's a shot in dark but if it is meant to be, if it's fate, then who knows what might happen?" 

What do you think of this story? Could it possibly work out? Do you think he could be in love with her?

While I can appreciate the romance of it, I have a hard time believing that this will actually work out. I'm not totally sure you can fall in love with someone you only asked directions. What are your thoughts? 

Sep 19, 2012 @ 10:06 am

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i think its nice

I think it's romantic. Maybe it's infatuation more then love, and all this time he's building her up in his head. Or maybe, if he does meet her again, she'll be just like he imagined. He said (in the original article) that she seemed like a really kind person, and if that's what attracted him to her, I don't think he could be too disappointed. Kindness is obvious in people, I doubt she kicks puppies in real life, and its not like he said "i want to find cuz she has really big boobs". that could've turned out all kinds of bad.

Plus, if they do get together, what a great story this would be for them. Modern day fairytale
Sep 26, 2012 @ 01:05 pm

So romantic and I think a relationship could work out

Oooh I'm such a romantic, I totally believe in love at first site!
On a more logical note, I think for any relationship to work out, there has to be a keenness and enthusiasm. I think, this gentlemen is defiantly being pro-active and taking the first step is great. If he does end up finding her, and things don't work out, no harm done :)
I think his intentions are so sweet and if I was the women in this situation I would be very honored and would totally take it as a compliement.
Sep 26, 2012 @ 01:26 pm

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