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Love at first sight / soul mates?


I want your opinions / advice!!
Do you girls believe in love at first sight and soul mates?

I was recently on vacation and met a guy. It was the most intense attraction i've ever had to someone, and for the 5 days we were together it was amazing. He left before I did and I gave him my number, and when my plane landed I had a message from him. We've been talking non-stop for two weeks now and he's coming down to stay with me for a few days (he lives 6 hours away). I haven't been able to get him out of my head; we have the most intense conversations about anything and everything, and the similarities in our lives are bordering on creepy. I can't stop smiling and I get that rush of butterflies whenever I picture his face. I feel like he is my other half!

We're both in our early 20s and have been in long-term relationships in the past. My only concern is the distance between us and the pace this is all happening. I've only known him for 3 weeks (only 5 of which were psychically with him!) but I feel like i've known him forever and we know so much about eachother already. It's a whirlwind!

(PS he is completely returning all of this affection, and we've talked about how crazy it is that we even met at all and acknowledged that we're moving fast but don't care!)

So, do you guys believe in love at first sight and the existence of soul mates?
Mar 12, 2013 @ 05:00 pm

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Ali de Bold

Love these stories

I think when you meet the right guy it doesn't matter if you live apart
or if you met on vacation. Time will tell if he is the one for you, but
for now just enjoy this and try to be a bit careful - just because long
distance relationship are harder. As you get to know each other
better, you will know if this will last or not. I do believe in soul
mates, btw ;)
Mar 12, 2013 @ 05:13 pm

Sooo happy for you!

I completely agree. I am a huge believer in love at first sight, and soul mates. Just be a little more patient and understanding, as long distance can be a challenge.
Mar 18, 2013 @ 08:26 pm

A thousand years

When I met my guy, we had talked on the phone but never seen each other. As I walked along the street I knew him immediately walking towards me even though he was not in the arranged spot. When I figured out that it was him, we started to talk as if we had only just finished a sentence a few minutes earlier. The speed and intensity of this really scared me but now it's been 19 years and we both say that it's as if we have known each other for a thousand years somehow. So yes, I believe something like this can happen. We also spend months apart because I have family in a different part of the world and every time we are back under the same roof we always say that's as if we blinked and there we are again. So yes again! This can work if you let it.
Mar 18, 2013 @ 10:39 pm

Cute :)

I really do believe in soul mates ... just because, mathematically speaking, there is one person on the planet that you're most compatible with! I also think once you meet that person, you'll know it ... and the fact that he seems to be feeling all the same things is a really good sign.

Like ali-de-bold said though, try and not get too "head over heels", because long distance is very hard, and especially if you don't get to see each other that often you might build things up in your head which might lead you to a let-down in person. If that makes sense.

So while you should definitely enjoy the butterflies and floating feeling of falling in love, try to keep a level head when it comes to commitment and your future (know things might not be picture-perfect for a while).

But really happy for you and I hope everything turns out!
Mar 22, 2013 @ 02:20 pm

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