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Man-gagement Rings a Thing?


Are men wearing engagement rings becoming a thing? I've heard about this before through many blogs but I've never really had any men in my life who prefer to wear a mangagement ring.

Johnny Depp recently did an interview where he was sporting some mangagement bling to match his new fiance Amber Heard (I had no idea they were even dating...ooops). 

Check out his "chick ring" as he calls it below: 

(Image via eonline.com)

Do you know any men who where mangagement rings? What do you think of this trend? 
Mar 31, 2014 @ 04:20 pm

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That's embarrassing

I'm embarrassed lol I always thought men also wore engagement rings this whole time . I never knew it was a new thing! Weird!
Apr 01, 2014 @ 06:35 am

in Germany they do (sort of)...

When I lived in Germany I noticed a neat tradition.

When getting engaged, most women don't get the blingy rock. The couple will BOTH put on their wedding bands on their left ring finger as a sign of engagement. During the wedding ceremony, they switch the band to their right ring finger (this is the usual finger to wear a wedding band on when married).

I thought that was really neat until I realized I (a married woman) had been walking around appearing to be "only" engaged for years. At that point I started wearing my wedding band on the right hand full time until we moved back to North America and I switched back. IIRC, my husband did the same.

Since that time, while still appreciating the significance (and let's face it-- the bling factor) of a chunky engagement ring, I have warmed to the idea of putting that incredibly expensive piece of jewelry to better use as, oh for example, food and shelter... I think it's gotten quite out of hand what some women have come to expect from their fiances/husbands (engagement ring, wedding band, 1st yr anniversary ring, push present, etc etc etc) when many couples really can't afford it.
Apr 01, 2014 @ 10:54 am

Supporting Man-gagement.

I've always liked the idea of equality and having something that resembles that both persons are now devoted to each other/off the market. I will say this next statement with a sliver of shame, but it wasn't until a couple years ago that I learned that the man doesn't receive an engagement ring as well. I've also never been one to really be "showered with gifts" and like to reciprocate what's been given to me in some way or form.
Apr 01, 2014 @ 11:38 am

Never heard of this before

My husband would never do this, he doesn't even have a ring. He can't wear one at work and he'd never remember to put it on when he got home. If by chance he did remember to put it on, he'd just forget to remove it in the morning. That would just give him the chance of getting it stuck in a machine thus losing his fingers. So a ring isn't a good idea for him.

Apr 02, 2014 @ 08:30 am

Not for everyone

It's definitely not for everyone. I know some very happily married couples who do not wear their wedding bands at all (either because they don't feel the need to or because it no longer fits). Totally makes sense for your situation why your husband wouldn't wear one if it interferes with his everyday life. Perhaps this whole "man-gagement" thing is just an aspect of the young honeymoon period?
Apr 02, 2014 @ 11:04 am
Ali de Bold

Oh dear

Oh I don't like that at all. A plain or at least manly ring, sure. But this one? Oh dear...
Apr 02, 2014 @ 11:55 am


I agree! This is a really feminine ring for a dude to wear. There are lots of nice bands with or without gemstones. I don't get it... but then, this is Johnny Depp we're talking about here and he marches to his own drummer.
Apr 02, 2014 @ 11:57 am

Man Engagement Rings

My man has never worn an engagement ring, even though we've been engaged for over a year now. It's just not his style, so he says. I dunno... I've given up trying to persuade him.
Apr 03, 2014 @ 04:46 am

Nicely said!

You took the words out of my mouth. I agree with everything you said. If your man is willing to wear an engagement ring, it should be fitting to his style, not a woman's diamond ring!
May 15, 2014 @ 09:43 pm

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