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i have a best guy friend that i have liked for a few years now and we would talk everyday!!! he knows how i feel for him and was starting to feel the same back but all of a sudden things started to change. we dont talk that much like we used to.. the phone calls died down to like a call overy other day and the little flirts he would tell me and name calling like babe stopped. i miss how things were and we have already graduated but keep in touch even though we go to different colleges. we are both single or as far as i know he still is. my feelings have never changed and seems like his were but then just went away....we see each other when we have a chance and tried the "friends with benefits" but wanted to start doing more. something has been bothering me lately the last time we saw each other was friday and we messed around but have never gone past third base! i stayed at his house for a while that day and finally left after a while and the only main reason why he wanted me over and why i went over was to mess around i admit. so when i was leaving he told me he would talk to me later or for me to text him and i said ok and havent heard from him since. i text yesterday and didnt seem like he really wanted to talk to me which made me feel kinda bad. i am not a hoe or anything just really like him and find him so attractive and love everything about him!! its getting worse as i am getting more attached just am comfortable with him and he is the only guy who knows alot about me and who has gotten close to me as far as physical (not talking about sex). my question is...why does it seem like he avoids me at times?? or that i dont exist even after the little stuff we do...we can go days and days without talking and it kills me!! i am starting to feel less of myself and like if i am not good enough for him which is bad because we are not together and i know i shouldnt settle for less. just would like to know what is going on in his little head????? or why some guys act like this.
Mar 15, 2009 @ 09:37 pm

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Ali de Bold

Go and buy the B*tch Book

Drop what you are doing immediately and go and buy this book.

I'm not kidding. It will change your life. You need to pull back at this point and stop investing in a relationship that is going nowhere. Take some time to read the book and then you'll know what to do. ;)
Mar 15, 2009 @ 11:06 pm

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