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My BF can't see me...


It's true, he is legally blind.
For some reason it bothers me that he can't see me all that well.
I can't explain how it feels. If you have experienced this please share how
you dealt with it.
Or if you have a comment please share it with me    :)
Aug 11, 2013 @ 06:50 pm

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dont get it

like literally blind? cause if so... you must not see it as a hindrance for your love...
cause if you have come to love him, you should know how to understand his circumstance... you should have accepted his personal flaws just from the start.... same goes if you are saying he's blind like not literally blind, but like the one who doesn't appreciate you.

if he's not literally blind, like you mean he doesn't appreciate your existence, maybe you should start drawing the line. 1st things first, you have to atleast try to understand him... and then talk to him... if it wont work out, maybe stood up for yourself. tell him how you feel. nothing's wrong with that. nobody want to feel neglected or rejected right?
Aug 12, 2013 @ 05:06 pm


I do accept this and will always accept it, for he is my first true love.
I spent many years in an abusive relationship so needless to say
I will not ever accept that again.
I am saying that sometimes I want him to see me.
He has very limited vision, outlines and what not.
He tells me that I am beautiful and I know he doesn't
see me, I know I am beautiful inside, if that is what he
I guess your right xhiao, I need to learn to accept that,
and know that what is on the inside is most important.
I shouldn't let that bother me.
Thank you for your advice...xo
Enjoy Life!
Aug 12, 2013 @ 05:31 pm

I Understand

I can understand where you are coming from if I put myself in your shoes and think about how I would feel if my boyfriend couldn't physically see me. Some part of me would wonder if he would be attracted to me if he actually knew what I looked like and I think curiosity is what has got you thinking of whether or not you would appeal to him but honestly, if you sit down and keep wondering about whether he'd be attracted to your looks, you're just going to be putting yourself through loops of "what ifs" which seems to play as a game for so many of us women and men which never seems to satisfy anyone and only drives us even more crazy. I think it's totally normal you are curious of whether or not he would find you attractive if he could see you but the reality is he can't and if he loves you and thinks you're beautiful than you should surround yourself with those thoughts instead. I had a customer come into my store that I work at and he was blind. I had no idea until he told me because he needed me to swipe his card for him and when he was explaining his illness, he told me he only sees shadows which I thought was really neat and that's when I started thinking "Wow, I wonder what it must feel like to never be able to see your wife's face" but then I thought " He must have such a great connection with her emotionally that many people never get to have in their lifetime". If you look at it that way than it's really amazing. You never have to worry of whether he will still find you physically attractive as you get older, you will never have to worry about him only using you for your looks. If you look at it this way, I think it's a lot more comforting than looking at it negatively. I hope you continue to embrace your love with this man and not let his blindness hinder how much he loves you for you and not your looks like some people do.
Aug 12, 2013 @ 06:58 pm


Thank you for your view on this, I am coming to terms with the thought of what ifs. And you are right, almost every guy has dated me for my looks and it became devastating at times.
I have wanted my whole life to be in love, being in abusive situations since I was a child becomes a hindrance on learning to love. I never want to lose this feeling.
Thank you so much for your insight Warrior, you have truly helped me to understand my own situation..funny how that happens.
Aug 12, 2013 @ 07:23 pm

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