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My boyfriend wants my family to come over on some weekend for a cookout, sort of. He said that his dad would grill us steaks and all that fancy stuff.
The problem is I don't want my family to tag along because I won't be able to kiss him or hug him like I want without my mom calling me a "hoochy mama", even thought she had sex at 15 years old! I'm 15 years old and I'm saving sex for marriage, I'd never do anything like that that I would regret. But, yeah. Last time I went over to his house we HAD to stay downstairs in the living room, but the 2 times I came over we could go upstairs and do whatever (make-out session was more like it).
So, he told me at lunch today about it and I gave him the silent treatment along with not staring at him like I usually do. I even raised my voice at him a little, or just made a fit about it cause I wouldn't be able to kiss him like I want to. Sure, I'll get to see him but I see him everyday at school inbetween classes and at lunch alot. The school isn't gonna let me kiss him, of course!
He gives me these adorable worried emerald eyes, as if he were pullin' a puppy pout, and it shattered my barrier about my family coming over. The rest of the day I embraced him, sayin' I was sorry about how I was acting about it before & that I loved him, promising him that I'd ask my parents.
The point is what I'm getting out here is...Did I overreact? Was I being a bitch about it?

xoxoxo ~Kristyn~
Sep 08, 2008 @ 08:09 pm

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Ali de Bold


Sounds like you were pretty harsh on him. Honesty is always best in a relationship. Just tell him why you are nervous about the family getting together instead of being mad at him for a perfectly normal/reasonable request. I don't think not being able to 'make out like you want to' is reason to not have a family bbq. Your Mom embarrassing you on the other hand...

Kudos to you on waiting until you get married for sex. I know it is not the popular thing to do but the longer you can hold off the better. It really complicates things. Especially when you are younger.
Sep 08, 2008 @ 11:05 pm

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