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This is the toughest thing to avoid and for me its pretty much impossible. My man is a big time interrupter. I can never get my point across because he is so busy interrupting me. If I challenge him on that or anything for that matter, more than once or twice, I'm a nag. How do you avoid nagging and still get your point across?
Sep 18, 2007 @ 10:51 pm

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Scents Of Peace

Stop talking

When I have been in a situation (non-gender specific) and I get interrupted multiple times before making my point . . . I just stop mid-sentence and say nothing. The offender usually realizes (but rarely admits) what just happened. Once they give you the floor; try again. I have had to stop talking more than once during a conversation to make my point. Just be certain to do this as maturely as possible so you don't add fuel to the fire ;-)

Sometimes silence is louder than words . . .

If all else fails, write it down and hand it to him !
Sep 19, 2007 @ 01:13 am

Absolutely right

Scents of Peace, you know what you're talking about! I recently figured out this trick too. Before, we would just try to outshout each other - not the best idea.

As far as nagging goes, I've been after my husband for years to stop smoking. I probably bring it up once or twice a month (only, at this point), and his response is always "don't you realize I know all of this already?" It's not that he doesn't understand my reasons for concern (and this is true of anything I happen to be "nagging" about), but he either can't or doesn't want to change his behavior.

I guess that's my advice to you. If you've been riding one particular horse for a long time and have nothing new to add, I would say you should try to give it a rest for a while. You are accomplishing nothing but increasing his resentment. Bring things to his attention as they arise, but then drop it. Don't dwell on something for half an hour; that is what most men consider to be nagging. If this is something urgent or extremely dangerous, that is another matter; otherwise, give him some time to digest what you tell him and revisit the topic down the road. And of course, without interrupting and shouting.

Chin up! :)
Sep 19, 2007 @ 07:48 am

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