Obsessed Best Friend..


So I have this friend.. actually, she's more like a sister. She just hooked up with this guy (you should know we're only in seventh grade..O.o) It was weird because in the beginning of the year, she's like Oh gosh, this guy is soo cute! Then by February she's like He's actually not that cute anymore.. then, when rumors start going around that this guy had a crush on her, she like He's soo cute again. 
  So, they just hooked up about a week ago, and she's absolutely overly-obsessed with this guy. You may think I sound jealous, but number 1; they're honestly one of the cutest couples ever, and number 2; we're only in seventh grade.. I'm not ready for a legit relationship.. 
  I feel that she only wants to hang out with me just so she has someone who will actually listen to her drone on and on about how amazing this guy is. She comes over to my house and spends the entire time either talking about him or texting him. My other friends and I think think that she's just being clingy. Today on the bus ride home she got in a bad mood just because she won't get to see him all break and didn't get to say bye. 

  Please help. I'm not the type to confront people, but I just don't want this to end badly. Thanks in advance!
Mar 30, 2012 @ 08:29 pm

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