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Ode to your mother


Hey ladies, I need your help! I'm planning a special M-day writeup for the site and need your input.

What is the most amazing thing your mother has done for you?


What do you admire most about your mother?

If you grew up without your mother around, please still share special thoughts about the "mom" in your life :)

Thanks in advance!
May 08, 2009 @ 06:14 pm

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My mother is my hero

My mom got pregnant with me when she was 15 years old and had me at 16. She kept her pregnancy a secret for 7 months from her family. I was supposed to be put up for adoption, but my grandparents had a change of heart and allowed her to keep me (when they first found out..her options were move out and give me away). Despite having a baby, my mom finished high school and graduated on time while working a part time job to support me. She got her priorities straight and never gave up, which I know a lot of young mother's will do. She's now very successful in life after all of her hard work. Even though she worked hard for the two of us, she always made time for me and because of that, we're incredibly close. I'm so proud of my mom and everything she's done, she really is my hero.
May 09, 2009 @ 01:50 pm


I saw this post, and didn't respond...because I couldn't find the words to describe what my mom is and what she means to me. I'll take a very poor attempt now..

When I was very little, my mom was an accountant for the govt', even having a full time job she would wake up extra early to wash me, feed me, dress me and leave me with the nanny and go to work. She'd come home at lunch time to bathe me again, feed me again, and go again to work, and then she'd come home for the day. And no her work wasn't walking distance at all. Thats my mom, she always made me her priority. Her profession, work at home, and everyone else including my dad was and still is second to her children (my brother and I).

How can I describe her? Something simple; I wear a gold chain with a gold heart pendant around my neck. She gave it to me. My dad gave it to her on one of their aniversaries, I liked it so much, she right away took it off her neck and put it around mine. Thats my mom. If I (or my brother) like something whether its a thing or food or whatever, she'll do anything to get it for us. If its food, she'll pretend she doesn't like it just so we can eat her share too :-)

I remember when we were new in Toronto and she had a pretty low paying job, I wanted to buy a pager... I (pretended) to want to sell my glasses so I can buy the pager (I knew if I did that she'll buy it for me) and thats precisely what she did. Now when I think back, I don't know where she found the money to buy it, but she did. And back in those days pagers were expensive. I remember in grade 9 I wanted the highschool yearbook, and it was quite expensive too. She didn't have that much cash in her wallet, so she took the money from her poor box (dad and her put all their lose change in here and once its full gives it to charity) and gave me the amount I needed... I can still see her sitting there counting out the amount, penny by penny.

The big deal isn't the expense, now I have an amazing job, I can buy pagers and yearbooks several thousand times over. But at a time when we didn't have that much, when she didn't have that much, she still put what I want priority (even if it was a whimsical want and not something i needed) and she gave me what I wanted. In fact I don't remember there ever being a time when I wanted something and she didn't give it to me. Really, I'm sitting here thinking hard, I really can't remember....

My earliest memories was of her teaching me to read and write my alphabets and numbers. We had black floorings, so she'd hand me a chalk and make me write all over the floor..what better way to educate a child? I don't know how old I was when this happened, but during one of our lessons, she told me if I write x amount of pages she'll buy me the new toy that was being advertised on tv. As soon as I had finished writing the last page, we hopped on a taxi went to the store and bought the toy. Thats my mom. She is never short of praise and appreciation for me, she never is lax in doing what she says she'll do, she is never short of time for me, even now. I have cassettes of her and I, where she's making me recite poetry and sing starting from before I reached 1yr old to 5 ..and onwards. We even have our own song that she made up and I added to when I grew older. We had our own unique games that we would play...and I can't begin to list or describe them as my post will become imossibly big.

I can look at her and she'll know what I'm talking about, she knows me better than I know me. I'm my daddy's baby girl, and i love being his baby, but my mom, she knows the adult me.. she is my bestest best friend. She is the most unjudgemental, patient, forgiving, kind, generous person I know. Someone can crush her today, and smile at her tomorrow and she'll forgive them. I've never ever heard her swear, not even once in my life, and I don't think i've ever heard her talk back to anyone either. The times i was hurt (and there were many of those, believe me) she would get furious but helpless because its not "her" to lower herself to "their" level and let them have it.

I've gone through some pretty hard times, and she's been my rock through it all. She was there to comfort me while I cried, to teach me patience when I got angry, to cry with me and reassure me, tell me that things will get better.....she never once lost her patience, never once told me to "get over it" she gave me all the time in the world I needed to grieve and overcome ...

I just can't describe this woman. She's the most warm hearted, generous, soft person I know, at the same time the strongest.

Middle of the night I feel restless, want to go for a long drive.... I tell her, she puts on her jacket and we go ... to Niagara falls, to Waterloo, to London, etc and drive all around and get home at 3 or 4 at night. Next morning she has to wake up super early (she always does) but she never once says "lets go home" or even "no its late lets not go out" ... she knows that I want to go for a drive, probably am not feeling well staying indoors, she comes with me.

She is there with me no matter how or why or in what I need her. The fact that I need her means she's there for me. No matter what else is going on with her or around her, I'm always first priority.

I always prefer her company over anyone elses. We go chill in malls, go window shopping, long drives, coffee, checking out cute guys ;-) etc etc ... all the stuff you'd do with your bestest friend, I do with her. And its awesome hanging with her, I just have to look at her and she knows what I mean. She's really, truly, my inspiration, my bestest best friend.

I know as soon as I hit submit I'm going to think "oh i missed this" or "i forgot to say that" ...but this post is already too long, so I'll end it here.

Tomorrow (today in fact) is Mother's day. My mom loves to say that for her everyday is mothers day. Like I said, no matter what hard time my brother and I give her, she never sees anything bad in us... she only has appreciation for us and she is never miser with her praise.

Sorry for the long post guys....
May 10, 2009 @ 02:55 am

thanks ladies!

This was so touching, I actually cried. And I'm not a crier.

Well, not counting "The Notebook", but in my defense we all cried that time....
May 11, 2009 @ 02:04 pm

my mother

I know I am late on this post but I wanted to write a bit on the topic anyway....

My mother is the strongest woman I know. She has been selfless her whole life and given everything to raise her children the best way she knew how. I have never wanted for anything because her love has always made me feel full and as though I did not need a thing. She has conquered illness and health setbacks and showed me how the spirit can triumph. Although I do not say it everyday, I love my mother with all of my heart.
May 13, 2009 @ 12:48 am

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