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i recently was intimate with a guy a few days ago and have been sore since then and right after that day i had a lil burning down there, It was my first time so still am confused about all of it. I know for sure he did not put it in all the way and he even told me he didnt i kept moving caise i kept feeling sharp pinching and would tense up so he would tell me 2 calm down and relax. and i would but then would happen again so i kept messin things up. i hav the symptoms from how you feel after havin intercourse for the first time just still doubtful that i AM NOT A VIRGIN!!!!!! i told some friends and they said IM NOT! but i still think i am and dont wanna be lying to people si i wanna kno for sure if i am or not! why else would i be sore and feeling like this? PLEASE HELP!!! ASAP..PS: we used protection 2...
Apr 19, 2009 @ 09:49 pm

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go see a doctor

I would advise to go see a doctor. Your friends can only tell you their opinion, as can we, neither we nor your friends can give you any sort of gurantee whether you're a virgin or not. To know anything for sure you should go see a doctor. Doctor's are mandated to keep things confidential, so if you're reluctant to see one because your parents might find out, let your doctor know not to disclose this info and he/she is obliged to keep it under wraps.
Apr 19, 2009 @ 10:17 pm

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