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Omg! please help- idk if he likes me likes me or just a F **k?


So, i met this guy through my girlfriend's-ex. Then me, my friend's ex-boy friend, and the guy whose friends with my "friend's ex- bf" went out to a club because my friend ended up not going with us because her mother was mad at her. Three of us went to the club, me, the new guy, and the ex-bf. At the club i got wasted and drunk and crazy, then i realized me and the new guy was kissing- so we continued doing that- and drinking- then we decided to head home- because its like 5 in the morning- at the car me and the new guy was making out- and i ended up giving him a bj!!! not realizing that my friends-ex was there too- but i was tottally wasted i wasnt thinking at all- i swear- so my friends ex- idk how it happen,- but at the end of the day i gave him bj too.

So, 2 days after someone texted me! it was the new guy that i met that night-
he started talking to me, calling me, texting me, and all that- i told him about that sat- night- that im not that type of girl yada yada-- he said he forgot all about what happened that night and he didnt care-

so today, he picked me up from my college- then we talked and then he said if i wanted to go to a hotel- well his tottally hot- so i said why not-- so we went to the hotel- we did what we did- and he was totally sweet and respectful, he kissed me all over- we has sex- as if we were madly inlove-- it was passionate and stuff--
May 01, 2009 @ 01:07 am

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Are you serious?

So you gave 2 guys that know each other oral sex on the same night? Then one of them calls you and asks you to go to a motel and you agree and then sleep with him? And you want to know if he likes you or just wants to sleep with you?

Well the answer to both questions is yes. Yes he likes you and yes its probably just because he knows he can can have sex with you, whenever he wants and just maybe something for one of his mates if they play their cards right?

Now the real question/s.

A.Are you a 12 year old boy who is having a bit of fun on the internet today? Have you experienced a penis that has been out all night at the bar drinking? Its not something your going to enjoy. TV, video, the pics you google when your parents are not home.. these are not good places to learn about sex. What your seeing depected is not real. Those 'actors' are being paid to express pleasure.

B.If this is a true story.. It may be time to take a step back and think about who you are and who you want to be. How is it that you were totally waste to the point you didnt know who was around but you managed the bj?

That guy your into thinks your a sex toy and he doesnt respect you. I dont think he ever will at this point. You are that type of girl, yada yada, theres no way in hell him and his friend forgot about the night they got service by the drunk chick. None of their friends, or their friends girlfriends or anyone who they know on myspace or facebook have forgotten it either. Pray that one of them didnt make a video of that they are passing around campus. Your not madly in love. Hes being nice to you because your giving him sex. Better to cut your losses and move on. File it away in the "OMG did i really do that" folder and never speak of it again.

Your an adult and you can do whatever you want and its none of my business. Im just telling you that a man wont fall in love with you after he watches you perform oral sex on his friend. Oh.. and the whole STD thing. Hopefully one of you three didnt burn the other 2 on that fun filled night.
May 01, 2009 @ 02:54 am

well, I have to agree...

While Anonymous spoke perhaps a little more harshly than I would, I have to say I agree in principle.

There is no way there is love here. There is some serious lust, but no one falls in love that quickly. Love is a decision, not a chemical reaction.

The guys passed you around like a bowl of popcorn. A guy who really cares about you would not let you blow his friend, nor would he ask you up to a motel room for a lay. He would date you first (number of dates before sex varies of course, but still) before boinking again. You are his booty call, and you need to shut that down before your reputation is completely trashed. Sorry to be blunt here, but it needs to be said.

I'm sure he likes you, but he clearly does not respect you - for all the reasons I just listed. Who knows what the future holds? But for now, you need to take a gigantic step back and seriously consider what you're doing here.

And what are you doing blowing your BFF's ex? You're playing with fire there, and your relationship with your friend is at stake. I get that you were drunk, and many of us have been plastered and done things we later regret. I don't blame you for following through, but in my experience, drinking merely enhances what's already there. If you had no attraction to the ex or felt strongly about not hurting your BFF you would not have blown him, wasted or not.

This is really self destructive. Do yourself a favor and really think about what you're doing here. Regret is tricky; you can't undo the past. All you can do is prevent bad behavior in the future.

Sorry if I've offended you here. It's not my intention to preach, I'm just offering my honest opinion. I could be way off base here, too. But from what you've told us, it sounds like you're in a strange place - self esteem, smart/not so smart choices, etc. We're actually here to support you, as we ladies have to stick together!

May 01, 2009 @ 08:21 am

im soo confused - i know i feel really downgraded

i understand what you all are trying to say- really- i feel really bad about what happened and i dont know how to justify my action-- about my friend bff- i totally regret that- i didnt know he was with us in the car- i thought he left with some other girl.- i wasnt paying attention.

well im soo confused with this guy because even after the motel thing- he txt me and says hi and stuff- good morning. and i would totally ignore him- at the motel - he had sex like 2 times- then the rest of the hours we just lay down and talked--and he was really nice and passionate- he didnt treat me any bad- and even after that day he asked if i wanted to go to a book store because he knows i love reading idk im soo confused- he said dont worry about what happened that night at the party- he said his sorry it was his fault- he should have done that to me knowing that someone else was there
May 01, 2009 @ 08:03 pm


girl, just stop. listen to what the two ladies here said, and realize that no guy will love you after seing you bj him and his friend. That just does not happen.

I read your post and my first reaction was, this isn't real. It can't be real....its one of those teen p*rn flicks where the blonde is very innocent and very confused and basically trips and falls face down onto a guys thing....

if this isn't real, then kid, we'll start talking about our monthly's and see how hot you think it is! lol

if it is real, as mamaluv said, we girls gotta stick together, and reading her and the other anonymous's advise, they both gave very honest, very real and very good advise, so since you asked for advise, and you got it, perhaps you should apply it. We all make mistakes, but past is past, learn from it, move on from here and just don't do it again...

"Pray that one of them didnt make a video of that they are passing around campus. Your not madly in love. Hes being nice to you because your giving him sex. Better to cut your losses and move on. File it away in the "OMG did i really do that" folder and never speak of it again."
May 04, 2009 @ 01:23 am

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