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Pet Advice after a breakup


Dear ladies,
My marriage has ended and I'm pretty lonely and depressed. Definitely not interested in getting into the single scene whatsoever. I'm broken and need to heal. I want to add a puppy into my life. I am a novice pet owner so I really need advice here, I will be living in a condo so a smaller dog I guess would be better. Some things to keep in mind:

- non shedding (I'm allergic to everything)
- which breeds of dogs do not have a strong "dog smell/odour" 
- which breeds are the easiest to train and housebreak
- any particular breeders you recommend?

I have some ideas below but would welcome any advice from my fellow chicks:

Malti-poo (Maltese and poodle mix) - I've read that any poodle mix is good because poodles 
are highly intelligent.

Bichon Frise

West Highland Terrier
Sep 21, 2013 @ 02:27 pm

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Firstly, sorry to hear about your recent split.

I have 2 dogs (1 is a rescue -a toy fox terrier, and the other is a puppy, a schnoodle).

Forgive me, but from your post-I am just wondering if you have considered the following:

May I please ask....do you work full time? If so, then I would probably not get a dog unless you have time to spend with it as it gets acclimated to its new surroundings. Nothing is worse than someone who gets a puppy and then leaves it (and expects everything to be great) for 8 hours and comes back. It's not a good start for the dog or for you.

Dogs require a lot of work and time...do you have time to train the dog? What happens when the dog gets sick...will you have the $ to take it to a vet-because they are not cheap.....what about when you want to go on vacation or have a night out? Who will watch the dog? Will you leave the dog alone for 12 hours for a date/event?

If I posted here how much I've spent on training, trips to the vet, and boarding for both of my dogs, you would be shocked. SHOCKED. IT IS EXPENSIVE.

I just worry that you like the idea of a companion animal in your life, but haven't really looked into how much time and effort animals require. They only have you to rely on-I encourage you to think a bit more before making a final decision. It's not fair to the animal (or you) if you aren't willing to give it your full attention.
Sep 22, 2013 @ 08:20 pm

more stuff I forgot

Food! Food isn't cheap (especially if you get one of the dogs listed in your post). A lot of dogs won't eat the food available in the grocery store.

Will you have time to take your dog out for a walk/exercise? My dogs have a fenced in backyard and get about 2 hours a day of backyard time AND an hour to two hours of leash walking. This is in addition to the behavior/agility classes I put them in. My schnoodle is a high energy dog and he is young (1 years old) so he needs stimulation.

Again, I won't say it's not great having dogs....I just think that if you are broken and need to heal, you may want to focus on yourself first before adding an animal to your household. I would probably invest in yourself first!

Why don't you try volunteering at a shelter or pet-sitting/dog walking? I know that you are allergic to many animals so that may limit your ability to do so but I can not stress enough-please please PLEASE think about this before you make a decision.
Sep 22, 2013 @ 08:29 pm
Ali de Bold


Meredith is exactly right. I actually owned a dog for a short time when I was single, living in a small condo by myself and it was a disaster. The puppy was alone for at least 10 hours a day and I would come home to him shaking and covered in his own pee. I ended up giving him away after 2 months and it broke my heart. Do you have friends or family in the area that would help you?

So sorry to hear about your marriage. That's really tough. I can understand why you are interested in a dog. I hope it can work out for you. I just really recommend considering Meredith's advice. Big hugs to you!
Sep 24, 2013 @ 03:40 am

Cats over dogs?

Definitely think on this decision for a while. Really decide if having this animal in your life is a good idea for him/her. Judging by your criteria, I feel like you're a gal on the go and having an animal that requires so much care would be difficult. Meredith is totally right on this. A friend of mine recently got a puppy and just like babies, they whine and cry during the night and she can't be away from it for too long. Plus, in this time, it might be nice to focus on yourself for a bit!

In the meantime, consider a smaller, easier to care for pet! Cats are independent and can be indoor and outdoor and are totally fine on their own for hours at a time.
Sep 24, 2013 @ 10:47 am

Will hold off

Thank you ladies for responding. I have definitely taken your advice seriously and I will hold off on the puppy. I have wanted a puppy for 3 years now so I thought that maybe I should finally move forward with honouring some of my personal decisions. But as you ladies put it now is not the right time. I should be focusing on myself. I'm currently not working but will be soon and at that time the puppy will be left at home alone.

I do hope to eventually get a puppy when I've moved past this.

Sep 24, 2013 @ 05:21 pm

Try it out.... fostering!

I'm with Alex. I'm a cat person, but my husband is a dog person... one day we will have a dog. Just not anytime soon. Dogs are pack animals and become sad, stressed and sometimes destructive if they are left alone for long periods.

Cats are very social... much more than people realize. I'd loan you my baby so you could see... we call her a 'cog'. She comes when she's called, plays fetch, wants to be picked up and hugged every morning, and loves being handled. But she can be on her own for longer periods of time.

There are tons of rescues in the city who are looking for people willing to foster an animal for a short or longer term. You could do this to try out pet-parenthood... and you'll be doing a good deed too! Whatever your decisions, good luck!
Sep 26, 2013 @ 02:42 pm

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