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Phobia about flying and deep water


I have flown a few times with my Husband on vacation trips but always for some reason ,ran into bad weather and the drop in air pockets terrifies me to death.I don't think I will ever fly again as much as I would love to go somewhere on vacation.My Husband doesn't like to fly either but,he would get on a plane if I would.I think the only way to get me on a plane is ,if a Doctor knocked me out before getting on board and keeping me asleep until I reach my destination.We would love to go on a Cruise but,I nearly drowned when I was only 12yrs old and deep water terrifies me.I went to St.Pierre a few years ago and,the sea was that high,even the Captain got sick,that was scary.I really don't know what to do.I really would love to take a cruise on our next anniversary but,I have a fear of drowning.Does anyone have any ideas on how to get over these fears?They are controlling my life.
Jan 24, 2014 @ 10:50 am

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professional help

The only thing I can recommend is professional help. Consider that these phobias might only be affecting your vacation plans at the moment, but eventually there might be other more serious reasons to have these fears conquered. For example, if a close relative was in a serious medical crisis and you wanted to rush to his/her side to say goodbye, or maybe your kids are swimming and need to be rescued?

It sounds like you have some specific reasons for your fears. Maybe that is a good sign, in that a therapist could target those terrifying memories and neutralize them? Just guessing, but logically it seems "easier" than a general phobia that you have no immediate source for your concern.
Jan 24, 2014 @ 11:04 am

Sounds exactly like me!

My two biggest fears are also flying and the water. I cope with them in different ways, and kind of take it step by step when it comes to handling them.

For instance, if I think that my fear is going to keep me from doing something I know I really want to do, then I'll have a "just DO IT" attitude and get over it. For example, when I want to go on vacation I'm not going to let my fear of flying keep me from it. Yeah, the flight is always uncomfortable and I usually burst into tears at least once or twice in the air, but friends, flight staff, and even strangers are always really supportive and comforting and I get through it. I also drink a lot on planes.

However, my water fear is a little more cumbersome, because it occurs a lot more often. I'm fine in lakes, but the oceans scares the **** out of me. If it's an activity like scuba diving, I'm totally fine sitting out. I've tried snorkelling a few times, and its always resulted in me having a panic attack, blacking out, and almost drowning. So it's one of those things that I feel fine not participating in - even if everyone's going, I'm content chilling on the beach with my book. Then there are other times - like when everyone decided to go on a sailboat tour for a day and I really wanted to go but was terrified, I decided my fear was going to stop me from doing something I really wanted to do, so I overcame it and went. And it was an amazing day!

So if you feel you're not going to be able to overcome your fears even when you really want to, I'd agree with mamaluv and seek some professional help. That way you can work through why the fear is controlling you like this, and learn ways to cope and overcome. Flying and water are two extremely common fears as well, so don't feel isolated or strange for having them. You're in a very big club of 'land lovers'!
Jan 27, 2014 @ 12:26 pm

Fear of Flying and Deep Water.

Thanks ladies for your comments ,opinions and tips about what to do with my Phobias.I don't think I will be able to leave this Island even for a short trip.I am convinced the next time I get on a Plane,that will be it,for me.The thought makes my heart pound out of my chest.Maybe some day I will see a therapist and get some badly needed help but,in the meantime I'm contented to stay home and keeping my two feet on the ground.Thanks again for your comments.
Feb 02, 2014 @ 06:26 pm
Ali de Bold

You can overcome this

I used to be scared of flying too. I had the same feelings about it as you. I would get on a plane and sit there and shake. One day I decided " this is dumb". I love traveling and having new experiences and my phobia was really getting in the way if that so I decided to just stop being scared. My attitude was fake it till you make it. I would bring a magazine and some music and focus on those during takeoff, which was the part that scared me most. I acted unafraid until I wasn't. It worked.
You just have to decide if you want to let your fears control your life. As for the water fear why not go to a resort instead of a cruise? You can have a great experience on land. Conquer the water fear next year when flying ain't no thing.
Feb 28, 2014 @ 04:30 am

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