Prolly Pocket and Mighty Max


does anyone have any Polly pocket or mighty max toys that they want to get rid of? I will pay shipping and reasonable prices. My daughters have a bunch of compacts but really need dolls, and my son wants some boy ones.
Feb 25, 2016 @ 02:20 pm

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oh mi polly pocket!!!!!!!!
i dont think i have any left...
Feb 25, 2016 @ 02:22 pm


Oh no,I just gave a bunch away last month ,sorry
Feb 25, 2016 @ 03:18 pm


Awe, that makes me so sad :(

I don't have any from when I was a kid but I just bought 23 compacts for $40 which was a great deal. The only thing is they were pretty dirty and cleaning them took off some of the gold lettering. I also didn't realize that a lot of the background details were paper, not painted on......until I submerged them in water :,( they have one doll and use some that are a bit bigger....they still absolutely love them. My daughter said "how come everything was so cool when you were a kid" lmao.
Feb 25, 2016 @ 03:31 pm

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