Shoppers Drug optimum

on Jun 09, 2015 @ 07:28 am

I am so thrilled that we can now load special deals to our Card without having to print a coupon.  Just sign up and load to your card, use your card and points appear.  I'm gonna hit my points goal so much quicker.

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. on Jun 09, 2015 @ 09:31 am

Finally, right?
Its so convenient and hassle free! Love it!

?? on Jun 09, 2015 @ 09:54 am

I haven't heard about it done online?

Still has bugs on Jun 09, 2015 @ 11:27 am

I can't seem to get it to work for me, I got an email about free points on my bday (May 21) but when I tried to load them, I just kept getting a loop and error messages, very frustrating :/

Shoppers Drug optimum on Jun 09, 2015 @ 12:27 pm

Been doing this when #Shoppers first came out with it so much easier and using no more of your expensive printer ink Great Idea #ShoppersDrugMart


easier on Jun 09, 2015 @ 03:27 pm

So much easier. Like chrissyann123, I've been doing this since shoppers started doing this.

Shoppers phone app on Jun 09, 2015 @ 04:38 pm

I do like the idea of the coupons being online and on my hpone. I just need to get used to checking it! About time for sure!

SDM app on Jun 10, 2015 @ 06:22 am

Yes, you can load your offers online, or right from the Shoppers Drug Mart app on your mobile device!

Best change ever! on Jun 10, 2015 @ 08:34 am

I can't tell you how many points I've mist out on and all because I didn't want to waste my ink! Most time's I only wanted a few of the coupons they'd offer me, but I'd have to print out almost all of them just to get those few. This change makes its so much easier for all of us to pick what we really want and to gain more points much faster. The only thing I find to be a bit of a pain, is having to sign in with my card number and my pass word every time I go to the site. It would be so much easier if they'd save that info for us and keep it saved.

Takoda on Jun 10, 2015 @ 10:03 am

I don't have to sign in every time...but I have my iPad set to remember username and password...or at least the option to do that. I think you can do it on a PC or phone as well. try the autofill feature. good luck.

Contact shoppers on Jun 10, 2015 @ 10:04 am

through their link...they will manually adjust, as long as you spent the $10 you needed to to get the points. Happened to me, too. And they gave me the points. happy birthday too ????

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