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social media stalking.


I don't understand social media obsessions.  I've seen it here, but tonight really shocked me.  A patient, not a young person, was in a horrible mood, because no one had commented on her new Facebook picture.  I had to stop providing care 4 times while she checked to see if she had any likes/ comments.  Then a 6 minute rampage about how one step-daughter just never hits the like button.  I started to feel very frustrated at how much effort this woman was wasting, it consumed her thoughts, and her time with me, who was supposed to be providing support.  I love Facebook, lets me share news, keep up with friends. If people find it a competition, and a stressful event, why do they continue visiting?  Ok, I'm jumping off my soapbox....
Jun 08, 2016 @ 11:14 pm

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I hear ya!

Social Media is now consuming almost everyone's lives. Nothing will have the power to get the words out other than Social Media. In fact, Dr.Phil actually had few episodes regarding Social Media obsessions and what it could do to a person.

I heard a comment from my father in law (he is almost 70) which just cracked me up! He was lining up for for something and while he was in line he saw a lady sitting down with her baby right beside her. He told me for the 20 minutes he was in line, she was taking selfies and not paying attention to her babies. Then he asked me, is getting "likes" on Social Media that important these days. I dunno I find that hilarious coming from a 70 year old man. How he even knows what "likes" are on Social Media and what that lady that is taking selfies is up too.

It's sad to say but yes, "Likes" are so important to a lot of people. Friendships and so on are ruin over a simple 'like'. I don't know how many posts I see on Facebook regarding how upset they are and that people aren't their real friends because they don't like or comment on their photo. I just think it's hilarious whenever I see those post to the point where I Liked it, haha

All jokes aside, there are some serious crazy pedophile on the internet as well. I have a friend that is a flight attendant, she told me she spoke to someone on the plan to London one time and the person told her she's facing some problems because someone took her kids photo (which she posted) and used as their own. It is such a sick and twisted story that people actually do that. Also, there are stories of men taking those kids photos ... and you know the rest. So my friend told me to be careful and if I do have have kids and decide to post their photo, make sure to be holding the child or I should be in the photo. Better yet, don't post too many photos of your kids. Which EVERYONE does to get likes.

Anyways I don't have kids so I just heard the story and kept it in mind. Little did I know, Dr. Phil air a show about it. A lady was confronting someone on stealing her kids photos off Facebook and said it was her own! I was like OMG, I heard this happened to someone else as well. It turns out, it's a very common thing that is going on. It's a crazy world! I personally don't really care for the likes or comments. I just go on Social Media for fun and keep in touch. :)
Jun 09, 2016 @ 12:23 am


It's so sad that some people on Social media need attention. They want people to like their pics and posts,they need gratification from others
Jun 09, 2016 @ 08:32 am


I hear about things like this all the time, I've never had any social media accounts myself so I can't imagine why people are so obsessed.
Jun 09, 2016 @ 12:51 pm

Likes, comments, etc.

It's sad. People have started to base their self-worth off of the number of likes they are getting on Instagram and Facebook. I've had friends message me asking me to like their picture so it would get more and not be embarrassing. I don't know how that could be embarrassing, but I've chatted with my friends about this and some will even delete their pictures if it doesn't get a certain number of likes!

Sad to hear that it's making people upset if they don't get a ton.
Jun 09, 2016 @ 12:55 pm

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